Help Captivate is dropping almost every call


I've had my captivate for about 2 months. Lately, it seems to be dropping almost every single call I make - sometimes 30 seconds in, sometimes a few minutes in. I'm making the calls in my apt in the middle of a big city where I have 5 bars and 3G service.

I can't say for sure but I feel like this really started happening after the JH7 update. I couldn't get my update OTA because my phone wouldn't communicate with the ATT servers, so I did it through the version available on xda of JH7.

So - any suggestions? Anyone else facing this amount of dropped calls? Would I get any benefit from flashing and starting over?

Thanks in advance. :)


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Take advantage of the fact your phone has a warranty and use it.

I've got five Captivates in my family now, and they are all just stellar.


I had the same problem and have been back to the ATT store with it twice First they replaced the SIM card, then did some whizbang software tricks with no joy. The store people were very good, but I had to talk to ATT tech support from the store. They were very reluctant to replace the phone, because the didn't show any dropped calls in their call logs. The funny part is when a call was dropped it wouldn't be in my call log either. They did show where I would have to call somebody 4-5 times to finish a 5 minute call. They finally called me on the Captivate and it dropped their call in the first minute. Then they agreed to replace it, after which they tried the usual song & dance about water damage etc... Should see the REFURBISHED, not new phone in about a week.


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My phone actually loses total connection to 3G after about 60-90 seconds into a call, almost every call. I'll show 5 bars, answer the phone, call drops and I see the circle with the diagonal line meaning no connection. Then within a few seconds, I'm connected again.


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I think your 3G service may be weak for calls.

Have you tried forcing your phones to Edge to make calls to see if you stay connected?

The reason I ask is that in my house, with my former WinMo phone, not only would I drop calls, but calls never even rung into my phone when my phone was on 3G. However, once I forced it to Edge, never had a problem with dropped or missed calls.

Not sure how you would force your phones to Edge on your devices. I only know how to do it on my Samsung by using the SamServMode app.

To test this theory (bad 3G signal for "calls", funny thing is 3G was good for data on my WinMo, just not calls) -- download Mobile Signal Widget to see definitively the strength of your 3G signal. It's more granular than the 5 bars native to the phone and will give you a numerical decibel reading as well as more bars to visually show signal strength.