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Captivate out of control, please help me

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TAWM, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. TAWM

    TAWM Member
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    I am having major problems with my Captivate. I have searched the forum until I can't stand it any longer. Everything I find is only part of my problem with no clear solutions. I have found one other post in regards to my main problem but nobody else has commented on it.

    Once my phone goes into standby mode, it's a crapshoot to whether or not it will wake up or come back on. The button is unresponsive 95% of the time. Sometimes I have to just keep pushing it over and over to get the locked screen to come up. Sometimes pushing it slow sometimes fast. Sometimes that doesn't work either and I have to tap the phone somewhere like the screen or back of phone just hard enough to feel the vibrate and it will come on just long enough for me to get a quick swipe to unlock it.

    I have thought that maybe the hard button was wore out but other times the phone won't go into standby either. Sometimes I have to go into settings>display>screen timeout to get the screen to timeout because some days it just stays on for hours until the battery has no life left in it. I can be using it and the power button options just randomly pop up.

    I have the Ginger bread update. The only problem I was having was the tethering issue and I finally got that fixed. This phone has been freezing up randomly for awhile even before the update. I'm at the point now that I'm willing to try anything because I'm fixing to throw it against the concrete. I am due for an upgrade but I'm mad about the price of purchasing a new phone with and without contract renewal. I'll probably eventually end up purchasing a used smart phone as a last resort but I'm sure it will have somebody's problems with it.

    What should I do? Factory reset? If so then how, because I can't even find that on here in detail? Should I root? I am completely at my wits end. Please help me. :(

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  2. aratswad88

    aratswad88 Lurker

    I have so many issues with mine sometimes I don't even feel like using it. I have that problem but thought it was just me and my phone with numerous problems. If I am on a call and I need the keypad it blacks out on me and takes a minute to sometimes get it to use. Sometimes my calls get dropped because I can't respond to them. But I am having so many other issues this one seemed to me to be pointless to figure out. If you find anything out let me know.
  3. TAWM

    TAWM Member
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    Apparently people say it's the power button but when the girl at the AT&T store took it apart to inspect she said it was good. Found a guy who wants to charge me$60 to put in a used power button so the captivate sets dead on the dresser until I find a cheap power button to change out myself so it can become a media player in its second life. I purchased the galaxy S3 and I'm not looking back. Besides nobody on this sight cares about the captivate anymore so there is no help Try the XDA developer's sight, they seem to actually respond.
  4. awoolf

    awoolf Newbie

    Old thread, but a common problem on many Samsung models.

    You can now buy Captivate power switches on ebay for less than ten bucks:
    [​IMG]sgh-i897 power switch | eBay

    Or, you can send it in for repair for about $40:
    [​IMG]At T Captivate Fix Power Switch Samsung SGH i897 Galaxy s Button Repair Service | eBay
    [​IMG]Power Button Repair Samsung Galaxy s Galaxy s II Galaxy Note More | eBay

    (If my info has been helpful, be sure to click that "THANKS" button!) :)

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