Root Captivate ROM Question


I have a rooted captivate with 2.2. Someone rooted it for me. I have no clue what it even means except now I can tether.
My question is this. I have Titanium back up and it shows my

System ROM:289MB (6.41 MB free)

Is there a way I can free up some ROM without being a computer wizard or do I really even need to? My phone seems so sluggish and I thought freeing up some ROM might help. I just have no clue how to do this.

Any Help would be appreciated. Also ... are there other benefits to having my phone rooted that I should be taking advantage of? Like removing some of the stock programs I never use etc ... and if so .... how is that done?



Android Expert
ROM is read-only memory, which holds data your phone needs to run and cannot be changed (unless you flash a custom ROM). freeing up RAM could possibly help but android is smart with its memory management so it probably wouldn't make much of a difference