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Captivate > S2. Experiences?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pkoutoul, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. pkoutoul

    pkoutoul Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm thinking of upgrading from my Captivate to the S2. I was wondering how many others have made that particular jump and what your experience has been. Overall I like my Captivate and would keep it except for 2 things. First, I am one of those with the intractable GPS flaw that never got fixed despite trying everything. Second, in recent months my Cappy has gotten much slower to the point where the home screen lag is quite noticeable.

    I am hoping for a fairly seamless upgrade with a working GPS and a snappy response. And no surprises! Are there any "gotchas" I should be watching for?

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  2. meackerman

    meackerman Newbie

    I went from a Captivate to an S2. The S2 is better in every way that I've found so far. No regrets. Was using my wife's Captivate yesterday and I was thinking what a little screen...
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  3. mratlndmrk

    mratlndmrk Well-Known Member

    Just moved from the Captivate to the GS2 last week and highly recommend it. Everything about this phone is better than the Cappy. I doubled my battery life and can actually use the gps and assorted apps that use gps. I am rooted and running congnition 777.
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  4. Pepe7698

    Pepe7698 Member

    I have been using the S2 for a little over 6 weeks now. I loved my Capivate and really had no complaints about it. I am just a gadget lover and couldn't pass up this new version. It is a step up in every way from the Captivate: faster, better battery life, better screen, lighter... impressive in every way. Go for it, you will not be disappointed.
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  5. seanpr123

    seanpr123 Member

    Pretty much what everybody has already hit on. It is undeniably an improvement in every-way possible.
    Dooo eeeetttt!
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  6. yahoowizard

    yahoowizard Android Enthusiast

    I had a Captivate for a year and upgraded about two weeks ago. Have to say, the phone is slightly larger, the flash is pretty amazing, the camera seems better, the GPS works perfectly in a moving car on a freeway(!!!), and yeah, there's really no lag at all. To be honest, I wasn't all that excited since it wasn't that big a jump, but consider that ICS will change everything in a few months, and your Captivate probably won't be getting the best of that...
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  7. pkoutoul

    pkoutoul Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the replies. ICS doesn't bother me one way or the other. I don't always have to have the latest and greatest, I just want my phone to be as frustration-free and serviceable as possible. Sounds like I won't be disappointed. Heading to Sam's Club on Black Friday!
  8. NJR

    NJR Well-Known Member

    Went from Captivate to S2 and never looked back. FAR superior device, spot on GPS and fast as can be even in 3G. Just don't activate the AP Mobile Widget or if you already did, set it for a 3 hour refresh.
  9. nyydynasty

    nyydynasty Android Expert

    made the same jump and you wont be disappointed. The S2 is a far better device.

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