captivate sending sms messages i never sent

i just got my samsun captivate a week ago and i love it! but lately its been sending old messages that i haves sent before to people without me sending them. i look in the text log and the messages are there like if i had sent them but didnt. sometimes the messages that got sent on its own dont show up tho. why is my phone doing this? should i take it back to at&t and get another one? help. i really love this phone and dnt want to get rid of it

thanks :)


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yes, I'd swap it. Or at least take it back to the store and show them what it's doing...and see what they suggest!


Interesting, I wonder how your sim was causing the problem. By the way, were you using the stock sms program or did you have one installed? If you installed one did you remove the stock one?

Terry S

well i went back to at&t and all they did was switch my sim card. they said that thats whats probably causing the problem

This is interesting. My son's phone was doing something similar. Everytime he would turn the phone off and back on, it was sending several old messages to several people. So he would get all these messages from people with Question Marks. My daughter locked up my sons phone and he had to get it replaced and since than it has not happened. They did NOT however replace his SIM card. So I am curious if your problem went away after getting the new SIM card? He did say it was kind of weird because when he sent messages he could see the little wheel turning like it was sending a message and it never really did finish although the people were getting the message the original time he sent it as well as the times after he turned the phone on and off.

Also, he is using Handcent for messaging but so were the other 3 Captivates in our house and there was no problems with those and he hasn't had a problem since he got his phone replaced.