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Captivate VS x10

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Futang44, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Futang44

    Futang44 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok, so I have a Captivate and my wife just got the x10. Despite the x10 issues, I am thinking about switching. For me, I would like from you guys.

    Which chip is better? the snapdragon or the hummingbird?
    Will the color density be upgraded from 16 bit to true 24 bit with 2.1?
    Do you notice the RAM sacrifice?
    Will we get multi-touch? Has someone CONFIRMED the h/w is capable?
    What AT&T bloatware comes on it?

    Thank guys. I am leaning heavily on returning the cappy.

  2. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    I dont have one, i too am considering getting it
    but i read earlier that this phone can't have multi-touch due to it's hardware or something
  3. csreborn

    csreborn Well-Known Member

    You would be crazy to return the Captivate for the X10 on AT&T, and honestly you would be better off returning hers asap. I'm not saying the Captivate is the best phone ever, but it is way better then an X10.

    -Hummingbird cpu is much better then a a snapdragon, and is current the best mobile CPU and this includes the OMAP and A4.
    -The dedicated GPU in the Captivate is the best on the market and destroys -the one in any snapdragon phone.
    -Captivate is already confirmed for 2.2 in Sept, and Sony won't even give a solid release for 2.1..
    -The screens are not even comparable other then both 4", Captivate only barely loses to the retina display in the iPhone but gets better battery life.
    -You will NEVER have MT on the X10.
    -Bloat ware is the same as the Captivate, AT&T does it.

    The X10 is the worst touch screen typing experience I have ever used. Half the time the screen doesn't input what you hit, or you hit the 123 button two times to get it to change modes.

    RAND0M1ZER Member

    The xperia x10 is the worst Android 1ghz Snapdragon device out there.
  5. gunny5821

    gunny5821 Android Enthusiast

    Well Said, and totally agree! Heck on Wirefly.com they had the X10 listed for $79.99. Today it is $49.99, not even half a week has passed! Plus EVERY review I read on the X10, don't but it! Enough Said!
  6. ECBomb

    ECBomb Member

    Okay guys, I understand the hate for the keyboard (if you're using the Stock one that came with the phone) but if you guys try and find the time to download a 3rd party texting thing like HTC's (don't think you can find it in the Market, so need to do some research online), then texting becomes a blast. The SE stock one is garbage and I think everyone else who loves their X10 can agree on that point.
  7. bish

    bish Newbie

    the android customization on the captivate is soo rubbish.....the sony ericsson layer is by far the better and is one of the best. the hardware may be a little better but it cant compete with the x10 camera and its multimedia capabilities. also the UI is smooth and nicer on the x10....and x10 is getting 2.1 soon and will be by far much better than the captivate.....multi touch does not make a huge difference to the UI unless your an extreme gamer and the touch sensitivity is perfect and is very responsive. timescape and mediascape work well with eachother and has improved after a recent update and will be even better in the 2.1 update....btw x10 will get HD 720p recording in the 2.1 update aswell....overall its quite obvious x10 is better..:D
  8. gunny5821

    gunny5821 Android Enthusiast

    Have you actually compared the two over on YouTube? The Captivate's screen crushes ALL competition except the iPhone and that was close. The Captivate has 16GB of Internal memory (plus you can add a micorSD card up to 32GB), plus the camera's on these two phones are so close the average person will never see a difference. Put Launcher Pro and Beautiful Widgets on the Captivate and the MT screen becomes a neccessity and improves the UI 100 %, on par with HTC's Sense UI. With Froyo 2.2 right around the corner (X10 has 1.6 and maybe late this year will get 2.1 no guarantee), well WOW sums it up. I could go on and on like the aluminum Carbon Styled battery cover, Super Amoled Screen etc etc..

    The kicker is I was seriously considering the X10 as I am a Huge Sony fan, almost a fanboy, but I am not going to swap out a superior phone! I have to use this phone for 2 years, so I need to make sure I am getting the absolute most bang for the buck! On AT&T, the Captivate is in fact the BEST Android Phone available. Just watch the online reviews and the Youtube reviews and you will see for yourself the facts comparing the 2. Like I said, I tried to find favor in the X10, b ut I was not able to do so...

    Just my 2 cents!
  9. cwepruk

    cwepruk Well-Known Member

    I really didn't think that highly of the captivate.

    It is very fast though....but is feels pretty cheap, no LED flash and the screen didn't amaze me at all. Otherwise, the specs are almost the same as the X10 - we just need 2.1 or 2.2 to improve speed and performance.

    Most X10 reviews whine about shit that takes seconds to change (keyboard, timescape etc).
  10. NaplesBill

    NaplesBill Well-Known Member

    I had the Captivate and returned it for the X10. In all the ways that count for me (actually using a device) the X10 is better. I hated the soft keys on the Captivate. I hated not having a dedicated camera button. I hated that the Captivate ROM is so slow and laggy.

    Also, I had multiple issues with two different Captivates. We all know about the GPS and that will likely get resolved. However, there were several times when my Captivate would go to sleep and never wake up again. I also experienced random reboots and delayed shut downs. There were just too many bugs and issues for me to risk taking the chance that Samsung might actually resolve them. I resisted returning it because of the SAMOLED screen and the GPU but in the end, it needs to work as a phone without my having to worry if it will shut off or reboot on me.

    I have now had the X10 for two days. In that time I feel the hardware design (buttons, screen format, etc. is much better on the X10. I have not had any real issues with the OS yet. I have rooted and loaded the latest generic rom image though. No AT&T bloat at all. The software for the X10 is light years ahead of KIES as well. I had no issues whatsoever loading the software. I have not had any of the lag I experienced on the Captivate either.

    The truth be told, I am fairly sure that both devices will receive the love and attention of some good devs. These devs should be able to resolve many of the bugs or missing features on either device. However, Samsung's choice of a strange FS for their version of Android will be a damper for a while. I also wasn't that thrilled with the internal memory because it created more confusion for some apps as to which card was the right "SD" card. I don't know why they didn't just make the 16GB as internal memory unless it is a limitation of Android 2.1 and below.

    I was very leary of switching to the X10 but I honestly am very happy with it. The build and design just feels better to me. Hardware buttons, dedicated Camera button and the notification LED are all part of a better experience for me.
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  11. Futang44

    Futang44 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have had two Captivates in two weeks. I have scratched both screens just from slipping it in and out of my pocket. My naked 3g iphone lasted 2 1/2 years in my pocket. I am going with another phone. With AntennaGate and what not, I think the x10 is my best bet...
  12. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    Finally i find decent reviews of the Xperia

    i was really considering getting a captivate but i think the Xperia is where i am going
  13. NaplesBill

    NaplesBill Well-Known Member

    Honestly they are both nice phones. The Captivate has some really great specs. As I said though, using it is more important to me and I think the X10 has great specs and actually works well too.
  14. bish

    bish Newbie

    x10 is better than the Captivate. End of.
  15. Hey Guys,

    I won't say X10 is better than Captivate as of now. Right now surely the Captivate has an edge over the X10. But i would love to compare the two when both get Froyo. And by the way i do have X10 and am loving it. Hardware wise, i think both are good enough, but the software is where the Captivate goes past the X10, as in the software on the Captivate makes more use of the hardware than the software on the X10.

    Can't wait till SE announces the updates for the X10.
  16. NaplesBill

    NaplesBill Well-Known Member

    It may seem that the Captivate makes more use of the hardware but it doesn't. The Captivate has 512mb of memory but cannot use it all because it has Android 2.1 and not 2.2. So, there are always things depending on the next version it seems.

    Also, the OS build from Sony is much more stable and problem free than the OS build from Samsung. The Captivate has so many lag and freeze issues and it can't even use the GPS at the moment. Yes it has an amazing screen but the resolution isn't any higher so it's not a real advantage as far as usability is concerned. I really wanted to love the Captivate but Samsung really messed it up in a lot of ways. Sony has much better quality control from what I have seen.

    I am not the kind of person who bases purchases of gadgets purely on specs. It's the overall experience that counts.
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