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Capture RAW/DNG photos

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Arcticmink, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Arcticmink

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    For anyone that's new to this thread. Freedcam at Github the APK that lets the ZTE ZMAX PRO shoot RAW/DNG photos. The owner's Github profile can't be found for some reason as of August 15 not sure if it will come back one day. But don't worry just look around for an existing Freedcam APK to download and use. Remember! That there are many versions of Freedcam choose the best version that works for you. If you want to capture RAW/DNG photos make sure that version you pick has DNG mode in it next to Bayer, and JPEG.

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  2. br0adband

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    Haven't been around here in a long long time but I just wanted to say that I just got a ZTE Zmax Pro really cheap (has some cracked glass but the digitizer is still 100% functional) and I gave FreeDcam a go just now and it does pretty damned well IMO. I was just taking a few macro shots for testing purposes and thought it really surprised me.

    This is the result of one of them, taken with the latest FreeDcam using macro focus mode, saved as DNG, imported into Photoshop CC (older version) with the DNG import tool and I used the Auto settings (not "As Shot" because of the fluorescent lighting in my room), then cropped it to just the Wi-FI card itself, saved that result out as JPG with max image quality and no other processing was done. It does seem just a wee bit out of sharp focus but I had the phone mounted to keep it from blurring up (no OIS even though the FreeDcam app does have some "Steady Shot" thing it wasn't enabled).


    Now it's not perfect, no, but having RAW capture potential changes things dramatically and the PDAF on the Zmax Pro is rather decent actually. Call me impressed since I only paid $40 for the phone, will do more testing out and about tomorrow when it's daylight and see how it really performs. I'm not expecting miracles, that much is obvious, but my fave smartphone of all time is an LG G4 and yes I absolutely love the camera sensor assembly in the G4 and still think it's the best camera assembly ever put into a smartphone to this day.

    Anyway, the FreeDcam app does work a minor miracle I suppose: I purchased Snap Camera recently and it claims to support RAW and the proper API for it, but on the Zmax Pro it's not working - FreeDcam is, and it's doing RAW just fine so that's my camera app for now.

    Give it a go, it might surprise you too. ;)
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