Car app (stock)


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Anyone know what app will launch the car app? I've tried all I could think of. Even tried putting an icon on my homepage using es file explorer to no avail.


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Maybe there is a Car widget?

The Car app may be "hidden" on your phone. ES File Explorer's app manager is able to show hidden apps and to create a shortcut of hidden apps on the home screen. On its App Manager you'd look at 'System Apps' for the Car app.

Note, the Car app may be hidden because HTC wants you to use their car dock.
On the car dock's microUSB connector the pins 4&5 are jumped with an electrical resistance (about 10kOhm).
This will trigger the Car app.



Go to Play Store and download free app "Car Mode Control". Works great, you can turn it on manually or it will come on when you put the phone in a car cradle.