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Car Bluetooth Contacts

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by rockyajg, Mar 9, 2016.

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    Hi Guys

    Been scratching my head over this for days.

    I bought a new One Plus after upgrading from an iPhone. And obviously there is that pain in posterior of adding your contacts. I went into iCloud, exported my contacts list, added it into my Android and imported them into my contacts. Very Simple. It was at this point that I noticed that the contacts app was showing a bazillion contacts due to syncing from my google account. So I go into the accounts settings, tap on google, un-sync contacts, and simple enough the only contacts shown are the ones from my import.

    So... here comes the head scratch. I connect my phone to my car via bluetooth, I pair it, and it says it is importing 544 contacts then fails to import!? I check my phone again, using the 'display contacts from' in the contacts app to see if google is still trying to show contacts from my gmail; but it isn't. The only contacts in my phone book are my phone numbers from the import.

    My question is. Where is these phantom contacts my car is trying to import? Is it stored somewhere special within the phones storage that I need to delete?

    P.s. I added my phone to a friends car and also tried the import, it didn't display how many it was trying to import but it would just give up after a while. She is able to pair her own phone (luckily the same phone as mine with no problems at all).

    Hope someone can help. Cheers.


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