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car charger question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fenderz, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. fenderz

    fenderz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    When I got the droid the lady at verizon tried to sell me a car charger case and bluetooth package, and when I ruled that out with the amount of cheap ones on ebay she warned me that some of them may harm my droid and or its battery. Was she just trying to get my business? Or is there some truth to oit. And what should I make sure it has before i buy one on ebay.

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  2. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    buy the motorokr t505 for hands free bluetooth thru your fm radio in your car. ITS AMAZING! and you can nab one if you look through google shopping for $49.99!! from n1 wireless shack, if ur interested lemme kno and i can post the link. or does do a forum search for motorokr t505 and you can get to my review that i posted with the link as well.
  3. fenderz

    fenderz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    ... way to try to get me to buy something completely different. I'm looking for a safe car charger not a bluetooth
  4. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    oops sry:D

    I saw bluetooth package in your post and thought u were also looking for BT in the car. I apologize :eek:

    Lotta ppl buy from online and ebay and I've read from them that it works fine. I dont think her statement has any truth but i'm no electrical engineer!

    Check this out, its a Motorola car charger that fits the droid for real cheap!:
  5. brettlewis

    brettlewis Android Expert

    I bought my own, I believe they get extra incentives for selling the accessories. They were trying really hard to sell me all this extra crap I didnt need and when I told them about all the things I read on the forums about the basic screen protectors they got all defensive. I just said, no. Its more expensive from the store anyways.
  6. networkoxide

    networkoxide Lurker

    When I bought my Droid, he tried to sell me a car charger. I said I already had one from my iphone. He claimed that their very expensive car charger had a special fuse to prevent damage. My Griffin "Iphone" Charger has a fuse..cleary visible..haha
  7. FrayAdjacent

    FrayAdjacent Android Enthusiast

    I picked up a car charger at WalMart, and it works just fine. $15.

    Check on Amazon, tho, there's a flush fit USB adapter you can use in the car for $10. It basically plugs into your cig lighter jack, and gives you a USB port. Then get a cable with the appropriate microUSB connector of the length you need, and voila!
  8. brettlewis

    brettlewis Android Expert

  9. Jake43

    Jake43 Member

    Yes, buying a cheap knockoff charger can be a major issue for your phone, and at the very least will probably kill the charger. I suggest getting the OEM Motorola charger off ebay for like 10 bucks. Not as cheap as some others but it is authentic Motorola and at least it isn't Verizon's 30 buck chargers.
  10. esocid

    esocid Well-Known Member

    Yes, and yes. Some Verizon salesmen get commission, and like the people at Radioshack, have no technical knowledge, and just try to push the extra accessories on you. In fact, I think they are explicitly told to do that.

    You'll no doubt be able to find cheaper ones, but use common sense. You get what you pay for, and if something looks cheap, it most likely is and could potentially damage it, but in most cases you're fine going with OEM products.
  11. dusttones

    dusttones Newbie

  12. paymon

    paymon Newbie

    the thing is like 100 bucks everywhere else. can you post that link please? thanks.
  13. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Android Enthusiast

    Put me down as another one who picked up a $15 charger at Walmart dubbed "compatible with Motorola." On a note about charging and cord differences though, I have noticed a few things. First, my cheapie car charger from Walmart does work, but it is somewhat slow to charge. It is faster than USB from a computer, but slower than a wall charge. Also, I have a 1FT generic USB extender that when used, also charges my droid much more slowly than any of the aforementioned methods.

    I would recommend going with a Motorola branded charger, as the specifications are fit to the model of phone and the battery. However, if you need to charge in a pinch like on a road trip there certainly isn't anything wrong with the $15 Wal-Mart option. It may come at the cost of your battery however over time, but even those are only $30
  14. fenderz

    fenderz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks guys I bought one bof the motorola ones on amazon
  15. Maidendg

    Maidendg Lurker

  16. fUry327

    fUry327 Newbie

    Different chargers put out different electric values. IMHO as an electronics security tech for the gov, with phones/laptops/portable music players etc etc and the level of precision that goes into these things, sticking with OEM chargers and replacement parts is always best to me (cept for cars).

    Perfect example is to take an oem charger specifically designed for said phone and compare its specs ( Volts output and mAH output ) to a generic car charger thats compatible with your phone from best buy or a mall. 9 times out of 10 those values will not match up resulting in poor charging, slow charging, or battery damage making the battery hold less and less of a charge.

    Seems like abuse of the hardware if you ask me and when you pay so much for them its a no brainer to me.
  17. bband

    bband Lurker

    I bought one of those USB adapters and tried it with the cable that came with the Droid and it will not charge. The screen turns on when I plug it in but the charge icon does not show.
  18. wfconlon

    wfconlon Lurker

    Before the Droid, I had a ENV Touch...All the old chargers (micro usb)work just fine on the Droid...Also works well with the laptop.
    Media charger works well with the laptop as well Charges,Clock,Alarm,Weather,Phone,Slacker radio....Great for traveling...Love it!
  19. TXLady

    TXLady Member

    I've used iGo chargers for several years for both car and wall. Just need different tips for different devices and you can use a single charger for phones or iPods, etc., with different tips. Not cheap but good quality and very functional.
  20. Eugene

    Eugene Android Expert

    The nice thing with USB charging is is simplifies things, chargers either meet the USB spec or they don't, there is some flex in the max current they can source but they still have to meet USB spec. Before the standardization you had different kinds of plugs and different voltages and some had parts of the charge circuitry in th charger, etc.

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