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Car Dock App Alternative?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nspencerks, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. nspencerks

    nspencerks Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I installed my Car Dock today in my Tahoe. I really like the setup and finger tap access that the dock brings. What I really don't like is the Car Dock App that comes on the X. It is has a boring look that lacks style. More importantly the music portion of the app is very poor. I would like to be able to select artist, playlist and maybe even see album art work. Can anyone suggest another car dock app on the market? Thanks.

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  2. bemaitea

    bemaitea Member

    Though I agree that some increased functionality would be nice, I think the point of the car dock app is to be as simple as possible so as not to distract you from the road, which is when you'd probably be using it.

    Not sure of any replacement app, though if I am not mistaken the Car Dock app uses google maps for it's navigation. I'd highly suggest you use the stand-alone Google Navigation app. Sooooo much better.
  3. nspencerks

    nspencerks Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Agreed. But I love it for the music. It would be nice to at least choose a playlist instead of scrolling thru every song you have to find the one you want. I did find one app on the market called Custom Car Home. I think I will give it a try. Safety first though!
  4. bemaitea

    bemaitea Member

    Yeah, these smart phones are very helpful on the road, but that helpfulness can be a bit distracting. The DX won't help un-bend your bumber from that fender bender ;)

    I usually just use my phone to activate the bluetooth or input navigation. The speech-to-text feature of the Google Navigation app is priceless. Honestly cannot speak highly enough about how many times in the last few days that App has saved my butt! Way better than any GPS system you can buy on the market. Even displays traffic info!!
  5. patt1293

    patt1293 Lurker

  6. pine

    pine Newbie

    I like this one a lot, but hey I wrote it so I guess I would:

    CarHome Ultra

    It has a lot of features including speaking location alerts (you can turn them off), speedometer, weather, customizable shortcuts...
  7. jaydubbs

    jaydubbs Member

    I've been using CarHome Ultra for about a month and have to say I'm very happy with it. Lots of room to add shortcuts and visually appealing.
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  8. not2shabby

    not2shabby Newbie

    +2 on Car home ultra, I just downloaded it last night and it's lightyears better than Car dock. I'm going to spring the $2 for it brfore the 30 day trial period is up.
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  9. Metfanant

    Metfanant Android Expert

    once you get the directions through maps the little blue arrow navigation icon should be on the screen to click on...and it brings up Google Navigation just fine...
  10. B360155

    B360155 Well-Known Member

    Kudos Pine...this has been THE car dock app of choice on my DX for several months now. I subscribed back when it was Car Home Beta and purchased the premium key immediately after it was first offered. Great app! Improvements? Maybe if you could choose the number of "homescreens" and have an option to choose more than 3??? Also, you have automatic on/off settings for wifi and bluetooth. Why isn't it possible for the app to automatically turn on/off GPS when docked or undocked?
  11. firetruck41

    firetruck41 Member

    I've been using Car Home about as long as I've owned my DX (last fall), it's way better than the stock car dock app. When it came out of beta, I paid up, it's worth it!
  12. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Android Expert

    For my 3D I used Custom Car Home I liked getting to pick how many screens and being able to put what apps I wanted where. I don't like what came with my new Evo. On Custom Car home you could keep the screen on and the brightness high and I like being able to have bluetooth connect when docked. I have heard lots of good things about Car Home Ultra so I guess I will try it instead of getting Custom Car Home back. I am assuming like my 3D it will let me make it the default when I dock phone.

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