Oct 21, 2014
Is it true that the ATT version of this phone removed the "Car Mode" from being used? thanks
Has anyone used the native "Find My Car" within Car mode on the Note 4? When I am in Car Mode and I park and disable car mode, it automatically saves my parking information. I've tried going to that screen to see how it works to help me find my car, but it doesn't appear to be obvious to me. I've googled it and can't come up with anything. Anyone tried it? I don't want to install a 3rd party app..just want to know how to use the one on the phone.
I have AT&T and can't find the car mode on the Note 4, doesn't come up in the device search, either (neither does the word "drive"). Boooooo.
I haven't used mine and I don't think I will. I have Car Ultra ever since it came out and never bother using any of the standard headset car mode.