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car OBD II to bluetooth to HTC incredible!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by red97xj, May 26, 2010.

  1. red97xj

    red97xj Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    OK, this is crazy, just saw this video: YouTube - OBD 2 Readings on my HTC incredible phone.

    Has anyone else done this? What OBD 2 app did you use? Where is the best place to get an OBD to bluetooth dongle?

    I am so excited about this. If I can get this running on my Incredible it will be ANOTHER reason all my itself its worth having this phone!

    Thanks for any and all info you have about this!

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  2. oakindustries

    oakindustries Newbie

    This is sic! I'd like to be able to do this with my nissan datascan consult port.
  3. red97xj

    red97xj Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I know! I am hoping someone on here can give some input to what app and what bluetooth. (I am even ok with a cable if they make one)
  4. DarkTLRrider

    DarkTLRrider Well-Known Member

    There is an app in the market called torque that does OBD II. There is a free version and a paid for $1.99. On ebay seach for OBD II Bluetooth dongle. I searched the other day and there were some for around $30. Should work with any android with bluetooth.
  5. Majestic

    Majestic Lurker

    As I work with Automotive Diagnostic software, and I find this pretty amusing, and incredible! (no pun intended) :p
  6. red97xj

    red97xj Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Amusing as in "thats a joke and waste of money" or ????

    I am not being sarcastic, just don't wanna blow $40 on a BT dongle if its not going to work right. youtube vids look awful convincing! I have a jeep and I just put a 4.7 stroker in it, so it would be great to see how its running from the ecm side of things.
  7. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Android Enthusiast

    One of the apps that is currently available is OBDroid. Until i get my scanner and get to try it out I'm not sure this is the same app as in the video. I am an official beta tester for OBDroid and waiting on my bluetooth scanner to arrive. I bought this one, but any ELM327 compatible scanner will do. Dealextreme ships from china so it takes a while.

    DealExtreme: $53.99 ELM327 Bluetooth OBD-II Wireless Transceiver Dongle

    I will bookmark this post and report back when I get it running.
  8. red97xj

    red97xj Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I messaged the youtube video owner, he said he is using the app Torque: Torque (Ad Supported) - Android app on AppBrain

    It looks awesome! Before I just go out and blow $45.99 shipped on this:

    I am wondering if there is a super cheap cable that goes to micro usb? I can't find out yet.

    Anyone found/use a cable?

  9. Schwin97

    Schwin97 Well-Known Member

    Why don't you use the bluetooth capability of the scanner???
  10. red97xj

    red97xj Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I would like to, but I am open to the idea of a cable if is $6-$7.

    I just wondered... I will likely get the BT Dongle just its easy and cool!
  11. Pacific

    Pacific Member

    If there is a cable its at least $15. There are obd2-usb adapters out there usually around $20.
  12. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Android Enthusiast

    I dont think any of the software supports usb scanners for use on android. I just received my scanner and will be trying it out on my lunch break.
  13. red97xj

    red97xj Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    how did it go?
  14. oakindustries

    oakindustries Newbie

    How about for us obdI folks? I've got an sr that will need a datascan port...I'll do some googling and report back.
  15. DarkTLRrider

    DarkTLRrider Well-Known Member

    OBD I would require vehichle specific program. There was no standard in OBD I, GM used differnt programming than Ford which was differnt than Toyota and so on. Also vehicle connectors were differnt fo every vehichle. I have like 15 connectors for my Snap on scanner and differnt software for each manufacture. Sold on cartriges divided into domestic and import. At an average cost of $1500 per cartrige set to update. I have about 5k tied up in my scanner over the years.

    Now for around $40 you can get a dongle and a program on your phone that will work amazes me as well. Although this setup will only alow generic OBD II functionality. Factory or dedicated scan tools will have far more capabilities. Generic functionality is all the average person realy needs.
  16. ep3n3wp

    ep3n3wp Well-Known Member

    Ian Hawkins

    That's website for torque the app in the video there is a forum as well there for all the info you need.... app is in Android market just search for torque or obd
    There is a paid version about 3 bucks which goes towards development and a free version that is ad supported.

    Dev says that a dyno section will be released very soon in the next update..
    This app can also see why your check engine light is on and gives link to a website that details the problem and app can clear check engine light

    this app works great on my sprint htc hero and i got the bluetooth dongle off ebay for 30 bucks from hong kong including shipping
    have had this app for a month or so.. had one hiccup last night and sent the dev a comm debug and he emailed me within the hour and said he would have a fix for my issue asap... well an hour later it was fixed!!!

    This app is amazing.. cant wait to see what else will be added and included in future updates!!!
  17. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    he need gas
  18. Demache

    Demache Android Expert

    I would like this for my Escort. lol.
  19. blastoff99

    blastoff99 Member

    This is too cool.
  20. So how was this guy driving a car at 30 mph, holding his phone in one hand, and a video camera in another?
  21. Demache

    Demache Android Expert

    Because he's badass, that's how.
  22. nunosilv

    nunosilv Lurker

    Hello guys,
    I have Torque working with the bluetooth OBDII scanner that I bought from Ebay.
    It Works Great !!!
    Reads the data from my Audi, cleans the error messages and resets failure lights on.
    The reader was very cheap, 16€ and in a week time it was home.

    I highly recommend for the Car fans that like to have things tunned.
  23. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Android Enthusiast

  24. shred1

    shred1 Well-Known Member

  25. heffe2001

    heffe2001 Well-Known Member

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