Help car stereo usb connection

My car stereo has a USB drive which is able to.charge my phone but I was wondering if there's any way to mount the phone as disk drive to play audio? I'm able to mount it on Xbox etc. so I was wondering if anyone's had any luck doing so in their car?


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Did you set the phone to disk mode? I have a usb that I've hooked laptop and thumb drives to, but never tried my phone (always use bluetooth). In theory though, as long as your phone is in disk mode, it should be the same thing.


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swerver is right, check your phone when you plug it into the stereo to see if it prompts you to use the USB connection as a disk drive or charge only. If it's not prompting you, try connecting to your computer to get the prompt and set disk drive as the default.


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It doesn't bring up any just charges. I know on the Xbox it asks me how I want to mount car doesn't ask.


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If the phone doesn't prompt you to select disk or charge mode, you can still select it by pulling down your notification bar and selecting the one that says "select to change usb connection type". If you are plugged into a power source only (like the wall) then you won't get this option, so possibly you need to activate a setting in the head unit to make it act more like a pc and less like a wall.