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Tips carbon fiber case fits the infuse and galaxy s 2 perfectly

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SGS2, Oct 16, 2011.

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    Mar 26, 2011

    Mar 26, 2011
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    phones and cases are tricky now since almost all cases are manufactured to fit slightly different manufacturers and models.

    i tested and found the luxmo carbon fiber case, link below, perfectly fits the captivate, infuse and galaxy s 2. i tested all 3 phones when i was in a corporate at&t store.

    samsung captivate:
    the size 8, "siz8", carbon fiber case link below, also easily handles my seideo extended battery on my captivate. it is not a perfectly tight fit, which is good, because a tight fit makes it difficult to remove the phone. however, it is an excellent fit for the captivate (with or without an extended battery), the infuse and the galaxy s 2. for arguments sake, the captivate and galaxy s 2 are very close in size, in my opinion.

    for a leather luxmo case for a stock captivate, NO CASE, NO EXTENDED BATTERY, siz8, size 8, see the link @ cell phone trek: http://store.cellphonetrek.com/cell-phone-pouch-siz8-014.html

    for a leather case for a captivate WITH an extended battery OR a case, cell phone trek is getting a new model, "siz4", size 4, which is larger than siz8. confusing, i know. anyway, call them to order.

    samsung galaxy s 2:
    however, i DO NOT know for sure if the carbon fiber case will handle extended batteries on the infuse or galaxy s 2. i just bought the galaxy s 2 and there seems to be enough room for an extended battery or cover for it with the carbon fiber case, but seidio, my favorite extended battery vendor, does not have an extended battery for the galaxy s 2 yet, and i have never used phone covers. so i can not say for sure. however, the captivate and galaxy s 2 are very close in size, so i would bet the galaxy s 2 with an extended battery will fit the carbon fiber case perfectly.

    there are 2 new leather luxmo cases which are even bigger and will fit a galaxy s 2 with a cover or extended battery according to cell phone trek, who i spoke to today. see "leather cases" below. the correct size is "siz4".

    samsung infuse:
    the infuse fits the carbon fiber case nicely, but the carbon fiber case seems to me to be too small if you have the infuse WITH an extended battery OR a case. otherwise, the infuse WILL fit nicely in the carbon fiber case below.

    there are 2 new leather luxmo cases which are even bigger and will fit an infuse with a cover or extended battery according to cell phone trek, who i spoke to today. see "leather cases" below. the correct size is "siz4", size 4.

    the carbon fiber case has elastic bands which allow expansion and more flexibility, so i bet it would handle an extended battery for the galaxy s 2. since the infuse is larger i can't guess on the infuse with an extended battery or case fitting the carbon fiber case.

    LINK: carbon fiber case, "siz8", size 8 phones, http://store.cellphonetrek.com/case-siz8-003.html

    i spent over 8 hours on the internet trying to find a nice quality HORIZONTAL case for the samsung captivate (i own a captivate), infuse (don't own) and galaxy s 2 (just bought one). PRICE WAS NO OBJECT, BUT I FOUND IT FOR $10, + SHIPPING. i would have paid a lot more. i ooked at 15 different manufacturers, ranging from low to high end, including men's leather stores who specialize in leather products and accessories. i have no business ties, nor do i get anything for this blog, so if you find a case, with permanently stitched belt loops AND a belt clip, as i discuss below, please post the manufacturer, model number/name and where to buy it, just like i did.

    my requirements:
    1. a permanently stitched, fixed (non-rotating) belt clip so it will not break off, for when i wear shorts on the weekend.

    2. in addition, permanently stitched belt loops you insert your belt into. why? so, it will not fall off. belt loops prevent the case from being displaced and coming off. i want one case i can wear with BOTH shorts (without belts) and pants (with belts)

    3. conservative, attractive, upscale, not for little kids, not neon, not fugly, nice quality, low key, not cheap looking, dorky looking or a piece of crap, etc.

    4. horizontal only. i originally thought i only wanted a verticle case, but i found out the hard way a verticle case poked and jammed against my leg getting in and out of my car, since a verticle case hangs down. no, i am not a fatty. i bought a vertical case, hated it, and gave it away. a verticle case is harder to pull a phone out of because only the short end of the phone can be grabbed.

    a horizontal case is unobtrusive and you will forget you are wearing it, and very easy to grab your phone out of because you grab the whole long length of the phone, which is longer than just the top. luxmo has a hole you can poke your finger in to slightly raise the phone to grab it easily!

    5. a large, magnetic cover, not straps, that clip together, not noisy and time consuming velcro, etc; magnetic only, which is fast and easy to open. i do not want to wrestle with my case and drop my phone, which i did with another manufacturer.

    6. the case covers the corners of my phone so all edges of my phone are protected and thus, won't stick out. so if i drop it, the edges of my phone will not be damaged, period

    for me, the manufacturer is Luxmo. you can go to where ever you want to buy it; i do not care. i found 99.99999% of the distributors charge about the same, and saving $0.50 is not for me. if you want to waste hours of your time to save a nickel, good for you; go for it.

    for me, the distributor is cell phone trek, who has a huge selection and many different manufacturers, not just luxmo.

    cell phone trek link: http://store.cellphonetrek.com/cell-phone-cases.html

    i have purchased and like "carbon fiber", which means a very high class vinyl, and it has a very nice feel and texture.

    new, captivate, infuse, galaxy s 2 horizontal leather cases with room for a cover or extended battery:
    Luxmo just came out with 2 horizontal leather cases, "siz4", size 4, which cell phone trek will sell, slightly oversized, for the captivate, infuse and galaxy s 2, and should have room for cases OR extended batteries. i say "OR" because i do not know if it will handle a phone with BOTH a case and an extended battery. please call cell phone trek to ask yourself. most people do not have extended batteries AND covers, since covers rarely fit if you ALSO have an extended battery. cell phone trek has it, Luxmo item code lpsaminfdl2hbk, Luxmo upc code 885926035745, $12.99, a fancier model with a magnetic or velcro cover fastener (if you feel magnets interfere with phones, which i have not experienced). there will also be the standard horizontal leather case, "siz4", size 4, which is also nice.

    cell phone trek contact:
    the person i deal with is a manager named jerry (or gerry), who is super nice, super smart, patient, informed, and interested in helping. his time definitely wiped out any profit they made. jerry is @ 407-261-8700, in florida. sorry, they do not have an 800 number, to save money i suppose.

    other ideas?:
    if you see cases with permanently stitched belt loops with a permanently stitched belt clip for a horizontal leather or carbon fiber case, please post them! i posted this as i was very impressed with Luxmo, and the distributor, cell phone trek. you do not have to buy a luxmo, or from cell phone trek. i am only sharing what i liked and found.


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