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Carrier pricing around the world

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kylera, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. kylera

    kylera Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I get the feeling that I'm being ripped off right now :( and I wonder what other Android users pay around the world per month. BTW, I'm in South Korea.

    I'm on a plan that costs US$60 (after taxes), and for that much, I get 300 minutes of talk time, free incoming (I'll never understand why American users have to PAY for incoming), 300 texts (be it SMS or MMS) and unlimited data with tethering as a free option.

    There's another system in determining the price of the phone itself on contract -- unlike the US where you pay 100 or 200 upfront. But that's going to be a longwinded post, and I'll only put it up if anyone requests it :D


  2. landovr

    landovr Android Enthusiast

    I'm in canada. I pay 55/month for 200 anytime minutes, free evenings and weekends with evenings beginning at 6pm, 1gb of data, Unlimited outgoing and incoming text, picture and video messages, Unlimited nationwide talk and text messaging with my 10 Favourite Numbers. I cannot get unlimited data with my carrier.
  3. Medion

    Medion Android Expert

    Cost: $66-$67 (after taxes/fees)
    Minutes: 450
    Text: Unlimited
    Data: Unlimited

    That's on Verizon. $10/month for unlimited data (grandfathered promo), and military discount of 15% for the voice/text plan.
  4. sonofaresiii

    sonofaresiii Android Enthusiast

    450 minutes of talk, unlimited text, unlimited data $80 for a single line on verizon. Though I really wish they would drop those minutes and the price... I legitimately use like 20 minutes a month.

    (kylera, you're not getting ripped off anymore than we're ALL getting ripped off)
  5. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    in usa... texas

    $80 + tax (normally)
    450 anytime
    free nights and weekends
    free mobile to mobile
    unlimited text and data on 3G and 4G
    free roaming
    no long distance in usa
    Free everything else: VVM, GPS, Sprint TV/radio.. etc....

    average use per month:
    text = 2000
    anytime min = 100 and up to 400
    free min = 500 and up to 2000
    data = .5 GB and up to 9 GB

    but i am on a employee of sprint family plan... $40 plus tax :)
  6. mdram

    mdram Android Enthusiast

    in usa w/ verizon
    @ 150-160 a month for 2 phones (inclues taxes, insurance, ect ect)(fascinate and droid 2)

    1400 min to share unlimited texts/data on each phone
    free nights weekends, 10 friends and family
    free in calling/messeging, no roaming in usa,
  7. kylera

    kylera Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It looks very much like a trade-off...more minutes for less something or whatnot.

    I remember seeing a report about how among all OECD nations, Korea had some of the highest phone bills...sigh.
  8. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    i think you are leaving out a big factor....

    price is one thing...
    but average income will also show .. real cost of opportunity.
    the average income in usa.. is higher in most countries.. including Korea.

    so $60-100 for cell per month is very small... portion of our income.
  9. kylera

    kylera Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So that means for users in the US or other wealthy nations, their fees should be considered cheap, while those elsewhere should consider their fees as pricey?

    But I think then you should also include infrastructure into the mix...and once we do that, the picture REALLY becomes messy.

    Why else did I leave out payment for mobiles? :p
  10. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    buddy.. i was not trying to brag or be little.

    i was just giving other factors to answer your OP question.

    that said.. our plans are not bad.. and they help supplement the cost of $600-800 devices.. down to $100-250. its not bad!
  11. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation

    On AT&T in Houston, TX with 2 lines

    My Line -

    FamilyTalk Nation 1100 Rollover & Unlimited Night/Weekend & Unlimited Mobile-To-Mobile Minutes (4,737 rollover minutes) - $69.99
    Unlimited smartphone data - $30
    Unlimited Messaging - $20
    Mobile Insurance - $4.99

    2nd line
    FamilyTalk Nation 1100 Rollover & Unlimited Night/Weekend & Unlimited Mobile-To-Mobile Minutes (4,737 rollover minutes) - $9.99
    Messaging 200 - $5

    .... so before tax it's $139.97

    I normally pay $153 a month.
  12. kylera

    kylera Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That is true. In fact, sometimes it's because of this system that we in Korea can enjoy the greatest phones on a somewhat affordable manner.

    Though I really wish plans for the iPad and Xoom and other tablets would he better...
  13. ashykat

    ashykat Android Expert

    T-Mobile USA

    1500 Anytime Minutes
    Unlimited Nights & Weekends
    Unlimited Data (Hotspot Included)
    Unlimited Messaging (SMS & MMS)

    $79.99 / month plus I get a 15% corporate discount on top of that so I end up paying around $73 a month.
  14. sandeep108

    sandeep108 Member

    India - postpaid
    $10 - 800-1000 min outgoing (incoming free)
    $1 - 500 texts
    $0.1 each MMS
    Edge data $2 for 2GB
    3G data (just recently introduced) $8 500MB, $12 1GB, $20 2GB

    If one does not want even the $10 commitment pay as you go is about $0.00011 per second of outgoing in some cases. I pay about $0.0067 per min. outgoing. My monthly cost rarely exceeds $8 per month for voice/text/edge data.

    Pay as you go text / data is same as postpay and is better as it includes all taxes. In fact in many cases refills give more than the equivalent currency amounts by further upto 10%. Out of local area calls can be somewhat higher by 20%.

    Absurd, right? Sheer volume (500 million connections) seems to drive the telcom operators as well as competition: we have about 7 - 8 operators in most areas. If they reduce some more government related costs, these rates may drop further by 25%.

    When I upgrade my phone to the SGS2, I will probably move to my operators $11 monthly plan which includes 500 min. outgoing, 500 texts and 500MB 3G data.
  15. ninja_reject

    ninja_reject Android Enthusiast

    Damn! We have no $11 monthly plans. I am with AT&T, I get:

    450 minutes plus nights/weekends - $40
    Unlimited texting plus free calling to any mobile phone package- $20
    2 gigs of smartphone data- $25 plus $10 for each gig over (and I always use like 4 gigs)
  16. qwer

    qwer Member

    In Finland I pay around 7 euros (~$10) per month, including:

    No free calls, around 7 cents per minute.
    No free sms, around 7 cents per sms.
    Unlimited data
    Low end Android phone

    2 years contract. It was a special offer, though, normally just unlimited data would be 14€ per month, I think, or lower with lower speeds.
  17. musick

    musick Well-Known Member

    Total Monthly Cost: $25 (No Contract)

    Minutes: 300
    Text: Unlimited
    Data: Unlimited
  18. sonofaresiii

    sonofaresiii Android Enthusiast

  19. qwer

    qwer Member

    Haha. If you're after low prices, stay away from Finland. Using phones is like the only thing that isn't horribly overpriced here. And the deal I got was super cheap, you don't see them often.
  20. adi19956

    adi19956 Android Expert

    In the United Kingdom,

  21. kylera

    kylera Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Where do you live???

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