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Carrier Talk - When and Where

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by VaDivot, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. VaDivot

    VaDivot Member
    Thread Starter

    I have recently seen there's a lot of talk about the screen size, the processor, memory for apps and such. The only thing that I am really concerned with at this point is which carrier will get it and when.

    At this point if HTC comes out with anything on Verizon within the next 3 months I will purchase it. Assuming it has atleast a 3.5" screen and a snapdragon processor and comes to Verizon I will purchase it. Problem is, we dont seem to have any idea which network it will be running on. I held off on the Droid because I didnt want a physical keyboard and Ive been waiting for HTC to bring a high end android device to Verizon (Eris in not a high end device).

    So to me, the only thing I care about is what Carrier gets it and when. After we find that out I will start to look into the specifics of the phone itself. Anyone got any info?

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  2. phobic

    phobic Android Enthusiast

    Seeing how the phone hasn't passed through the FCC (to our knowledge), no one really knows where this phone is going except HTC. Regardless, we'll know in a few weeks hopefully.
  3. I am also doing the same thing, and for the same reasons. I don't really know anything about phone frequencies but from the HTC road map it doesn't look like any of them are Verizon frequencies. But this could also be because people are saying it was the European road map. :thinking:
  4. rdalcanto

    rdalcanto Android Enthusiast

    There have been a couple of people on this and other forums with friends at Google that have told us it is coming in January to Verizon. Similar information is coming independantly from web sites. I'm not worried.
  5. kwaping

    kwaping Well-Known Member

    Phobic: correct, I just finished checking the FCC, nothing new from HTC since 10/23/09.

    Elementfire180: It's pretty much confirmed that the leaked roadmap was for T-Mobile in Europe *only*. Nothing in there should affect U.S. customers. It got blown way out of proportion by people who lacked reading comprehension. :)
  6. HAHA yeah that's what I was thinking. I just really want to see this phone come to Big Red. Quickly. lol I feel like I'm 5 years old again, and not knowing for sure where this phone is going to go is killing me!
  7. Rrrracer

    Rrrracer Android Enthusiast

    Ditto Element.. I'm pretty stoked :) Hopefully the next couple of days will reveal more...
  8. To be honest though, this couldn't have come at a worse time for me. This is my last week of class and I have finals next week, i cant get anything done because im on here all the time looking for updates lol. I need to be banned from ALL android sites untill after finals are over haha.
  9. gatorjm7

    gatorjm7 Member

    I, too, am hoping this comes to Big Red. There isn't a phone out right now that's worth switching off Verizon. I don't think I've ever had a dropped call, I have service everywhere, and my entire family is on it. So, fingers-crossed I can upgrade from my Storm 1 in January!


    see my post under bravo is passion for possible carrier info.
  11. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Speculation says the phone is first coming to T-Mo in January then to VZW in April due to the mating of the CDMA technology to the phone. GSM is obviously easier to release.
  12. anexanhume

    anexanhume Member

    Why do you keep posting this false information? It is coming to T-mobile UK in April per a leaked product brochure. Speculation puts the US release in January without a carrier specified. The extra time for CDMA is completely inane.
  13. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    The phone is already specc'd out for european CDMA operating at 900/2100 mhz.
  14. clb

    clb Well-Known Member

    Ahh I was just about to give in and get the Droid on Saturday, but now I have to wait for this! I also hope we get some more specific carrier/release date information in the next few days.
  15. Rrrracer

    Rrrracer Android Enthusiast

    CLB, you could buy the Droid and have until Jan 13th to return it if anything official is announced... that's what I did :)
  16. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    I just post what I read bro. As far as I'm concerned, it's vaporware until it's official.

    TechnoGeekGuy Blog Archive HTC Bravo heading to Verizon Wireless April 2010
  17. anexanhume

    anexanhume Member

    And your link is bad journalism, even for a blog. The author literally pulls Verizon out of the air and does not offer to back up the claim. The source material is a T-mobile UK brochure, which has no bearing on US offerings or dates.
  18. clb

    clb Well-Known Member

    That's what I think I will end up doing! I will be using my New Every 2 discount, will I be able to get that back if I do end up getting the Droid and returning it?
  19. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    You know if you do this the Passion will come out on the 15th of Jan dont you? Just wait a month.
    I would imagine you would just have to pay the price difference.
  20. clb

    clb Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking I would definitely return the Droid with in the 30 days, even if no official release date of the Passion is heard by then. That way I wouldn't be out of luck it the Passion is released one day or soon after. My phone right now is outdated and is having problems so I need something new even if it's just for a short time, and then I will wait how ever long until this phone is released. Plus I am really anxious to play with the Android operating system.
  21. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    If you are going to (and are allowed. I have no idea) to basically get a loaner, get the Eris. The Passion should have Sense UI like the Eris so you'd be used to it by the time the Passion launched.
  22. Rrrracer

    Rrrracer Android Enthusiast

    Just don't submit the mail in rebate they give you (it's good for a couple months at least IIRC).

    You can return the phone and reactivate your old phone until the Passion hits the door. The ONLY reason I haven't strapped my old Moto Q to a quarter stick of dynamite yet :)

    If there is an announcement before the 13th, my beloved Eris is going back... and it might even if there isn't one.
  23. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert


    Snapdragon is a Qualcomm chipset, and Qualcomm invented CDMA technology. Your assertion is bass ackwards.
  24. HTC exec promises Hero successor in 2010, debut at Mobile World Congress -- Engadget How's it coming out in January if it's not even introduced yet? And I'm pretty confident of a VZW release ever since I read from noah on phonedog way back in early november that the passion was gonna come out on tmo uk and on verizon in the states. I am however skeptical on the January release date for VZW. Ever since I read the leak post on XDA, I was convinced that the phone would make its way here sometime in May or June. I hope I'm wrong.
    That's GSM actually. I don't believe Europe still uses CDMA... someone from across the pond can correct me if I'm wrong
  25. trk

    trk Newbie

    I believe the HTC LEGEND seen in the leaked roadmap is the Hero successor but dont quote me on it. I know there are others online that are under that opinion as well. Its rumored release is March 2010, so that does fit the time line of a February announcement.

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