Carriers who support WiFi calling?


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We have some excellent forums here and I have to think this may have been discussed, but my apologies if I missed it.

I live in an area where the only solid (cellular signal) provider is the $Big $V, so it would be nice to have WiFi calling. I had that feature via an old iPhone provided by work on the AT&T network (a necessity since there was no signal around here), but it’s not possible with Boost (who I inherited from Virgin Mobile, gee, thanks).

All of that to say…is there a thread that discusses which carriers include WiFi calling? I’d rather not have to visit several sites, particularly because it seems this is information that is hard to find.

Thanks in advance!
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all the major carriers(Sprint & T-mobile, Verizon, ATT) support wifi calling. some phones do not however. i had wifi calling with sprint. i also have it now with my note 10+ on verizon. i think the smaller ones will vary. i don't think there are lists if the smaller carriers that offer this service. so you most likely will have to visit various websites. you can also visit places like Best Buy. they offer a wide range of carriers. they most likely can help you noarrow down your search.


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It really depends on the phone as most all carriers support it
This is important, even if a carrier supports WiFi calling it will only work on approved phones.

is there a thread that discusses which carriers include WiFi calling?
Here is the most detailed carrier list that I know of, it includes just about every company, their plans, and features they offer... including a column for WiFi Calling:

Skimming through that, it looks like half or more MVNOs include Wifi calling (assuming everything is accurate). It will be easier to read the list on a computer. :thumbsupdroid:


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Thanks, everyone, for the replies.

I was a little surprised that Boost doesn’t support it (regardless of device) as I seemed to recall VM offering it (although my aged Motorola didn’t have that option).

it looks as though Mint supports it and they have some nice deals on, so I will probably go that way (and their coverage map is good for the places I generally go). Besides, I like Ryan Reynolds. ;)

Thanks again!
There are plenty of options if you're ok with using a different number or moving your existing number to a different service. But if you want seamless wifi calling with your present carrier and device, both have to support it. This usually means one of the major carriers and one of their branded phones. Unbranded/unlocked devices will usually not support wifi calling.