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Carrying options for Evo while running/jogging/exercising.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MikeAltogether, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. MikeAltogether

    Thread Starter

    So I realize it isn't ideal to run/jog with such an expensive cellphone, but I recently misplaced my Creative Zen media player and I'll probably try using my EVO.

    Has anyone tried this out yet, or can recommend good cases or carriers for use while running?

  2. myersn024

    myersn024 Newbie

    As an avid runner, I too would like to know if anyone has any experience with this. It would be the bomb to be able to listen to Pandora radio while running.
  3. cary328is

    cary328is Android Expert

    Hey Mike - thanks for starting this thread. I still have a membership at XDA developers and found a similar thread in which someone found a perfect fit for their HD2. I'm assuming this would work with the EVO as well (or at least the same manufacturer). He says it's really comfortable.

    "b/t/w, yesterday, i went jogging with it, i run for about an hour, it was great, very comfortable, i listened to music, while using the run.gps soft. finally some decent use for my HD2"

    He referenced the following store:

    iArmBands .com - armbands for iphone, touch, itouch, zune, htc, ipod

    He used something originally meant for the nexus one but it apparently fit the HD2. I hope you find something in the store that works for you! Good luck
  4. rdegk15

    rdegk15 Well-Known Member

    As a person who used to run a lot, and runs occasionally now, I love listening to music while I run. Dont think I could run with out music. That being said there is no way that I would run with my EVO. I will stick to my ipod. Although it would be cool to run while listening to pandora I still wouldnt risk it.
  5. MikeAltogether

    Thread Starter

    I'm not too keen on arm bands usually. I am used to using a small mp3 player in a generic little case clipped on to the waistband of my pants. Looks like I'll have to just get over it if I want to run outside. Thank you for the link.
  6. T Mac

    T Mac Well-Known Member

    I plan on running with mine in my armband. I ran quite a bit with my HTC Hero without any issues. I don't see what the difference could be with the EVO besides it being a little bigger.
  7. cary328is

    cary328is Android Expert

    No problem. I have an armband now for my nano but I think I want the same set up as you for the EVO - where it just clips to the waistband. However, I'm tired of the headphone cords - so another accessory I'd like good reviews on are a decent pair of bluetooth wireless headphones. Again this is a good thread and I'm glad there are others who can chime in on using the EVO as a workout partner
  8. rdegk15

    rdegk15 Well-Known Member

    I have an arm band for my ipod touch and dont mind wearing the arm band one bit
  9. Camslam

    Camslam Well-Known Member

    Why is there "no way" you would run with an EVO?

    Are these that delicate of machines?

    One of the reasons I have held out for the EVO is so that I can TAKE IT WITH ME, when I go to the gym.

    I plan on using it on my waist while I run, and then watching movies or shows while on the eliptical and stairmaster.

    I've used my current phone as an mp3 at the gym for the last 2 years, and can't see why the EVO won't be just as useful. :rolleyes:
  10. MikeAltogether

    Thread Starter

    Well I bought this set of headphones with my invisishield when Zagg was doing 50% off everything. The two sliders seem ideal for me. Also I have found that cheap earbuds tend to drown in my sweat! (Gross, I know.)

    If I can find a decent clip that isn't too bulky I will probably go for it.
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  11. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    I will not be running with my Evo unless it's out of the rain, to catch a train, or for my life from a threat :) I wouldn't run with it for exercise though because I never take my phone for serious exercise. That's just me. Others might do the opposite. It has nothing to do with the device itself.
  12. rdegk15

    rdegk15 Well-Known Member

    Many reasons. First of all when i run even when it is in an armband case I get pretty sweaty and when im done running my ipod is also wet. This may trigger the water damage indicator etc

    Second, occasionally i will go for a long run, all of a sudden it starts to rain. bad news

    Third, I just dont want to put the additional stress on the machine. Im sure its not a delicate machine but im just being careful with it.

    This is just me, im sure it will be fine to run with and everything. Im just saying i will stick to my ipod and leave my phone at home

    Some advantages however would be using an app to track your running distance time ect (assuming there is an app like this, im sure there is). Also, pandora would be excellent to run to.
  13. Camslam

    Camslam Well-Known Member

    Fair enough. That is the beauty of all of these phones and everything else. Everyone can pretty much pick what they want and use it how they want.

    I carry my phone on my waist when I work out and even though you can literally wring out my shirt when I'm done, my phone or its holder have never been wet. Some of that is probably placement as much as anything, but like I said, one of my main reasons for getting the EVO is to use it at the gym.

    The eliptical might just be the most boring machine ever invented to workout on, so that 4.3" screen is going to be nice when I'm watching The Hangover next Monday while working out. :)
  14. olla

    olla Newbie

    Great thing I don't sweat much. I'll just find something on eBay or something. I run with my ipod touch all the time but I grew tired out of the songs and I can't take it anymore. For all of you guys saying that you would't risk it thats what insurance is for.
  15. neodorian

    neodorian Android Expert

  16. tbone7812

    tbone7812 Lurker

    If you have a problem with sweating and want some protection in the rain, use ziplock or pastic bags. Work like a charm, one of the reasons, I am moving from the Pre cant use the slider in a bag, I know I had the virtual keyboard but come on, it should have it there. I am training for tri later this month and carry my pre with me on my runs and on the bike in plastic ziplock bags. Great stuff if you want pictures I can u pload a few.
  17. aliveon2legs

    aliveon2legs Android Enthusiast

    I'm excited for the FM receiver. My gym has lcd tv's all over the walls and they transmit the audio for the different channels on different FM frequencies. I'll finally get to watch PTI without having to read the CC.
  18. Scarlett920

    Scarlett920 Member

    Thanks for the link. I need a good armband since I like using it while I workout. This is way better than sticking it in my pocket!! :p
  19. T3CH

    T3CH Newbie

    I have been debating whether I am going to use this for running/exercising also. Right now I use a cheap fm/mp3 player when I'm working out or running and leave my phone (blackberry) at home or in my gym bag.

    I will have the premium insurance from sprint so risk of water/damage is not a deal breaker for me. Though I would require an armband that at least protects the phone from my sweat.

    I am more concerned with comfort. I think the evo will obviously be to big to have bouncing around on my running shorts which is where I keep my current player clipped and want to see how an arm band is going to work with such a big device.
  20. Android 17

    Android 17 Android Enthusiast

    That's a great idea, but how would you stabilize it? I would be worried about the phone just falling flat due to all the movement and slight jitteryness of the machine. I know the stand is supposed to help stabilize it and all, but I'm not sure that would be enough.

    I have a bad leg so I can't really jog as much as I used to, but being able to use the eliptical while watching some videos on the EVO would be pretty sweet.
  21. dsarch21

    dsarch21 Well-Known Member

    ah, i ran with my nexus one (which cost more than EVO off contract...) all the time, i just put that thing in my pocket and off i went....never worried about dropping it or anything.

    an arm band would be nice though
  22. shadrap

    shadrap Android Enthusiast

    Sorry guys, I just saw this thread.

    I am an avid runner and usually do 4-5 miles a day. I have had the Evo for two weeks and used it for running. I absolutely love it. I am a big talk radio guy and I have great local talk stations, so the FM comes in handy and works great. That being said, I have noticed that the FM receiver works better with good quality headphones, as the headphones act as the antenna.

    I also use the app CardioTrainer when I run. It keeps the distance/ speed with the GPS and allows you to set your weight for the amount of calories burned. It also records your history and shows your stats compared to other CardioTrainer users.

    I run in shorts and put the phone in my pocket. This keeps the phone sweat free and I have had zero problems even during cross country runs.

    If I can answer any other questions let me know.
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  23. RagingSamster

    RagingSamster Well-Known Member

    I'm running my first marathon the day after getting my Evo. I'm hoping to make it the third piece of exercise technology I use. Currently I have a Garmin Forerunner 305 ( LOVE IT) and a Nike Ipod Nano with the Nike+ system. I use both and hope to start using the Evo as well, but more for the camera.
    My blog http://www.runningintherain.net documents what I am doing. Using the Evo to add video will be a nice addition ( I added 1 clip with my nano, but was less than impressed with the results.)
  24. Rob_A

    Rob_A Android Expert

  25. Camslam

    Camslam Well-Known Member

    Both the eliptical and stairmasters have a "ledge", platform, type deal built into them at a good distance and height for a 4.3" screen to be viewed. So the kickstand won't even be needed. The angle of those ledges is designed to have magazines sit in them for a good angle. The EVO will sit perfect in them.

    As for running, I bought a generic phone holder that fits a lot of phones well that sits on my waist. If I tie my shorts a bit for running, it just sits there and doesn't move. For the eliptical/stairmaster or other "stationary" type cardio, it isn't going to move at all, even if the shorts aren't tied.

    I've had the ENV2 for the last 2 years and it isn't exactly a light phone, and I have had zero problems with it getting sweaty, bouncing around too much, or anything like that.

    I just don't see it being an issue with the EVO, and like others have said, having FM tuner to listen to tv's that are on is nice, having Pandora running, or my own mp3's, or watching the latest episodes of Burn Notice or a movie I have put on my memory card, is going to be awfully nice. :D

    P.S. - This is another BIG reason why I have waited for the EVO rather than going with the Incredible and using my new every 2 with Verizon. I know there are plenty of Incredible lovers that think the EVO is too big, but when surfing the net or watching something on your phone, only a fool or a liar would claim to want a smaller screen. I'm stoked for this little machine.

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