Carrying your Thunderbolt while running.


I do a lot of running on a track and also on the streets and I'd like to bring my Thunderbolt with me. Does anyone know if there is an armband or some sort of bag or pouch that is made specifically for the Thunderbolt?

Actually, I'm thinking that an armband may not be the best because this thing is a little heavy, heh. But I'd still like to take a look if there is one out there.

I couldn't find anything via Google.



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Wow, I'm really sorry, I thought that I came back to this thread and posted a review! .... Maybe I am losing my mind.

The armband is GREAT all around. It's sturdy, fits the phone perfectly, I am able to use the touch screen through the clear cover, it fits snug on my arm and holds it well. It's made of decent material that seems like it will last. The phone doesn't bounce around while running.

However, I do a lot of sprints while running. So my only complaint is that the phone itself is obviously heavier/bulkier than most other phones and it can be annoying to have a little weight on your one arm and nothing on your other arm. To be honest, I still use my light-weight little iPod for running. It's much lighter and I barely notice it. Maybe it's just all in my head.

I haven't used the HTC TBolt armband even once yet, lol. I can easily see myself using it for hiking/cycling/walking, though.


Very cool, I am more of a slow jogger and since I carry my TB now I think this arm band can only help!

Thanks for the info!