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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by philip0871, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. philip0871

    philip0871 Newbie
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  2. remlle

    remlle Newbie

  3. BrianR

    BrianR Member

    I am using the black silicone HTC skin. I love it. Granted, I like the phone better without it, but I am not at all bothered by it being on. When I got my Blackjack 3+ years ago, I got a silicone skin and I hated it. So I left it off and proceeded to drop my phone - over and over.

    The second Tech21 makes this for the Hero, I'm getting it.

    Mobile Phone Protection - Tech 21 - Impact Protection

    Demo-video: YouTube - Tech21 iBand: Serious impact protection

    I fully believe in the shock absorption benefits of the case, but I think throwing the phone down onto small rocks hurts their cause. Obviously a phone being thrown FACE DOWN onto little rocks, where the case doesnt even cover, will get scratched or broken. They should have stuck to FLAT surfaces.

    I had my first phone drop a couple days ago, with the silicone on, and the phone landed face down on the concrete, and all was fine. I'm VERY glad I had the skin on.
  4. acp

    acp Android Expert

    I just received this one today in the mail and it is perfect. I hate cases too, but after scratching my iPhone pretty bad from normal usage I decided to be more responsible with this phone.

    HTC Sprint Hero Skin Case Black
  5. ElAguila

    ElAguila Well-Known Member

    PDAir has the leather flip and book style cases. They will be selling an aluminum case that is supposed to be ready by the end of december.
  6. mkhopper

    mkhopper Well-Known Member

    I have to concur on the Innocase shell. Looks good and doesn't really add any bulk to the phone.

    (Though that Tech21 solution does look pretty impressive.)

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