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Case for Optimus and Radio Sound?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by speedracer2001, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. speedracer2001

    Thread Starter

    Hello again... I am looking at getting a case for my new phone. The otter box company doesn't make a hard core case (Destroyer Series) for the phone just a simple snap type case. I read the sticky on cases and liked the Glove Snap On Case with the button so it can be worn on your belt or removed and placed in ones pocket. IS anyone using this case? Has it protected your phone against reasonable mishaps? Was the quality and construction to your liking or did it feel 'cheap'? Lastly, with the clip on is it comfortable in your hand or does it feel bulky? I looked at leather pouch type holders but unfortunately, I am afraid I will remove the phone from the case and as there is nothing but the bare phone I will drop it and that's the end of that. That's why I am looking at this model/style. ANY other comments or suggestions of other cases (with a belt clip) are certainly welcomed.

    I downloaded the Pandora app and when I played it the sound from the speaker was less than expected. Can I assume when listening to any radio or music one must wear headsets or somehow connect it to some stereo system?? Clarification on this if you don't mind..

    THANKS to all for their thoughts..

  2. rwinvt

    rwinvt Member

    Yes, and yes. I've dropped the phone several times on gravel drives and once paved parking lot. Fortunately, it landed on it's back each time.

    Any phone would feel bulky with the clip on it-- the little knob thing wouldn't bother me-- but, I don't use the clip-it would be convenient, but I don't like having the face of the phone exposed. I have a leather palm case with belt clip that it fits perfectly.

    I wouldn't call the construction cheap-though it's not as nice as the Otter Box, and I would presume the Otter Box with the combination gel skin and case might be better protection- ( as long as it lands on it's back if you keep dropping it on gravel, like me:eek: ).

    The Otter Box ( I've only seen/handled the Iphone model) is extremely well made and has plugs to protect all the jacks etc. More money- and might be a a tad bulkier- in which case it might not fit my belt case.

    I think the tiny built in speaker is less than Pandora expected:D.

    Get these. Amazon.com: Palm Stereo Headset for Palm Pixi and Palm Pre: Cell Phones & Accessories

    Excellent sound. Button works for mp3 advance. After I got my first pair I ordered four more to keep in car, briefcase, desk at work. I got them a couple months ago for only 2 bucks at the OEM Shop. At $4.77 you might only want to get three.

    They don't come with foam covers, which I prefer- so I bought some buds with covers at the dollar store just for the foam.

    Just BUY THEM. You can't possibly get better buds for less. You could spend thirty bucks and get worse.

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