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Accessories Case Mate for Nexus S

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jesslynne, May 18, 2012.

  1. Jesslynne

    Jesslynne Active Member
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    Apr 12, 2012
    Chapters & Library technician student
    Manitoba, Canada
    I've been looking for a case for my Nexus S for a while, I had the one my carrier sold me for $10 but it never felt like it really protected it. Was slim and light weight but I never believed it would protect much if it fell. Wasn't a silicone was a flexible rubber plastic (sorry don't know the name of it)

    So I'd been looking everywhere for a case I liked within my budget. And didn't find much information here so I thought I'd post about the case I found, that hasn't been shared here yet.

    I'd looked at many and the reviews of some of the ones I was originally looking at, but price and reasons that I don't need anything so rugged that it bulked up the phone or was hard to put on and take off. (Having extra battery to swap easily was essential).

    So I found a review for a case mate phone and liked it and managed to find it at a great price: (actually it's $2 cheaper now than when I'd bought it D: )

    Amazon.com: New OEM casemate Google Nexus S gray and pink Case: Electronics

    Being a girl don't mind the pink, there's a white at more expensive of cost, at least there had been I can't find it now on Amazon. I'd found it later at Best Buy in black for full price ($33CDN) as well for those with a Best Buy around.

    It's a one piece case, unlike some of the cases I'd seen that have the rubber and plastic cases separate (I had been looking primarily at the Trident Aegis case originally). It fits around the phone very snug, and I had a bit of trouble only because I have the zagg full body shield on the phone.

    It really makes the phone feel solid. It's not the most lightweight case out there, and it does make the phone a bit heavier, it adds weight to the phone. I like that because it really makes the phone feel much more solid than without a case, and really more 'there' than the other case made it feel. Certainly feels like it'd be much more protective in the case of an accidental drop.

    It also has that ridge that will lift the screen up off a flat surface. Something the other case did not have. I have a bad habit of putting it down whichever way it lands, so it helps me that way as well. No longer have to be as watchful about how it's facing and the rubber keeps it from sliding around too easily when on the flat surface face down.

    Overall I'm pleased with a case I spent about $10 on with shipping, when I was looking originally at cases that were $30 and up without shipping costs.

    (apparently I type more than I thought I would as well..)


  2. Jesswood

    Jesswood Member

    May 22, 2012

    This case is popular because the mix of hard plastic with rubber to create flexibility but a durable case over all. Not that it happens with everyone but my case started cracking and was hard to get on and off. I would recommend the otterbox case, it’s a bit more spendy but if you don’t mind it bulking up your phone a little bit, it’s so worth it and over all its still really cheap.

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