case sugguestions


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Im looking for a case for a droid

looking for one with a screen protector built in

and it to fit a belt clip or a belt clip included


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i wouldnt recommend the verizon ones. i had mine for less than 2 months and it just broke. the tabs to lock it down cracked. Also, the edges wear away without even dropping it. Seido would be a good case to get


The toughest case you could get would be either the Otterbox or the new Seido Rugged. I have and love the Otterbox but haven't heard anything about the Seido. I don't think you can use the keyboard with the Seido fully on but you can with the Otterbox, it's also about $20 cheaper. Neither come with a built in screen protector but they come with plastic ones.


def an otterbox.. as a tip get it from amazon and its a few $$$ cheaper.... it does come iwth a screen protector you can appl tho.. i LOVE it and get asked about it everywhere I go!


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Actually the Seidio Rugged comes with a screen protector built-in, but you are right on the Otterbox not. I have tried the Otterbox and it is a very nice case but the main part did not snap on well and the the phone would "creak" inside the case whenever it moved slightly. I have a Seidio Rugged on order that should be here this week and can let you know how it works out. The keyboard can be used with the Seidio only if you just have the Innocase 360 on. After you put the outer silicon cover and plastic back you will not be able to use the keyboard. It does come with a holster that can lock the phone in place when placed inside. Hope this helps some.


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anyone else with the otterbox feel like they have problems with signal? my phone lately seems to be unable to make calls from my apartment. it has always been a weak signal area but i'd swear that since i started using the case it's gotten worse. the case certainly completely covers the whole bottom part of the phone with the antenna.


For those using the Otterbox, are you putting the screen protector on or are you just using the actual 'case' parts? Mine is coming in today, and I don't want to put the protector on if its going to make the screen less usable/responsive. These Droids have Gorilla Glass right? Are protectors needed here?


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yes, i put the protector on. gorilla glass will still scratch. all it takes it a little piece of sand or something. happens all the time.


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I like the Otterbox, but I have to remove the back every time I put it into my dock, because it won't fit.

And it doesn't have a clip, which I hate to put it in one anyways.

It's a really neat case, highly recommend it.