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cases, docks, and pouches....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by avirnig, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. avirnig

    avirnig Lurker
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    so far, i have yet to find a snap-on case that will work with the car dock, let alone the VZW leather pouch.

    has anyone found a snap-on case that will work with the dock? if it works in the dock (with the insert removed of course), then i am going to assume it will work with the pouch as well.

    I need a snap-on style case because i use my phone at work, and it can and does get dropped... not often, but it does happen. snap-on cases seem to offer the most protection available, yet i also need to be able to use the car dock for navigation and music playing via the motorola T505 bluetooth - fm hands free device, and i believe the phone is too large to easily fit into my shirt pocket let alone my jeans pockets. i refuse to put it into a butt-pocket, like i see all these younger kids doing, because thats just ASKING to get damaged (yes im a lard-butt). so a leather style pouch is the best way to go when im carrying it around with me.

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