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Cases for the Moment

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dbpaddler, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    Do NOT get this case from the store, you were right about the thing hiking the top up, it's not good for the phone. My spring that allows the top to slide out and back in is now sloppy from the stress put on it (slides open in my pocket occasionally through the day), and the top rattles against the bottom half when the phone vibrates due to the now slight gap. I now have to bring it back to the store to get it fixed somehow, or get a new one. I would rather get it fixed but knowing sprint.... >.>

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  2. BobE

    BobE Newbie

    Well my Sprint store cover is no good now.
    The hard plastic little tab broke off and it does not stick anymore.
  3. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    Same thing with my first (and last) two. They're bad news... just trash it and find a better after market one.
  4. BobE

    BobE Newbie

    Good idea
    Will see if I can get them to take it back.
    Need to unsnap every day because I have two batteries.
    I wonder if those charge pads work for bare batteries?
  5. Zumaki

    Zumaki Android Enthusiast

    Anyone happen to know if Power Mat is making an attachment for the Moment?
  6. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast

    Sometimes mine slides open a little in my pocket WITH THE CASE ON. I am so taking this case off. What a waste of $25! Hope my Phantom comes in soon! ;)
  7. funker

    funker Newbie

  8. flu13

    flu13 Android Enthusiast

    I wish they'd just make these things in black rather than making them look like crayons.
  9. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast

    I ordered one from fommy, not even shipping until the 12th. If it's no good I might try this one. ;) Thanks!
  10. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    Colors are fun but I do agree that boring people should have options too :)
  11. flu13

    flu13 Android Enthusiast

    Yes, we should.
  12. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Think I'm sticking with the holster from my Innocased Treo Pro. Fits almost perfect and locks it in. I ordered some of the hard cases from ebay as my coworkers might not share my sentiment. But I think it'll be too bulky with those snap on cases.
  13. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast

    My Best Buy just got in the Invisible Shield for the Moment last night. They said they should be getting cases in soon.
  14. cds36

    cds36 Member

    Is there anyway you can postpics of the innocase I have been looking for a holster like yours and where did you purchase it
  15. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast

  16. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I've mentioned before it's a holster made for an innocased Treo Pro. It just happens to fit a bare Moment very well. It fits a hard cased Hero even better. I actually bought mine at Sprint when I got my Treo Pro as they had a better deal on it than all the places I found online. You can hop into a Sprint store and take one out of the package to see. Though I'd have a hard time justifying paying $28 for a holster for my phone. Someone else here migrated from a Treo Pro as well and is also using his treo Pro as well.

    Considering there is some leeway with the Seidio holsters, you might be able to find one for a phone that's as wide or a touch wider than the Moment but with similar all around dimensions. The spring clip up top gives the holster variability to fit other phones who's dimensions are close.

    My holster is in the car. I can try and take pics another night.
  17. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast

    I got this canned response:

    Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you for your interest in Case-mate products. Unfortunately, we do not have an definitive date the item will become available at this time. Please do send your request to our Product Development at http://feedback.case-mate.com.

    Please continue to check our website for the availability of this item. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
    Alma C.
    Case-mate Customer Service

    I voted here:
    create cases & clear armor for the samsung moment

    Don't know if it will do anything but it's worth a shot! ;)
  18. MrGadget256

    MrGadget256 Member

    I''m very interested in this, specifically if it will work through a hard case on the back or included in a hard case.
  19. MadFlava

    MadFlava Newbie

    You have to use these.

    Powermat.com | Powercube & Tips

    The reviews on the PowerMat are just awful. In 6 months you'll be able to buy one in the bargain bin.
  20. BobE

    BobE Newbie

    I would like to know if they will work for a bare battery.
    Anyone know off hand?

    Going back to the store to see if the other keyboards lock better, as I am thinking the keyboard may have been loosened by the stores case.
  21. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast

    I would like to know what you find out. My keyboard has slight play in it also after using the "official" case.
  22. flu13

    flu13 Android Enthusiast

  23. Srwilliams777

    Srwilliams777 Newbie

  24. BobE

    BobE Newbie

    My search has ended.
    I got this off a cart vendor at the mall ,right outside the Sprint store and it fits both Droid and Moment he said.
    I paid $19.99 but it looks far cheaper on line.

    Universal Leather Case w/ Magnetic Flap for Motorola V3 / LG Shine / Samsung, Black
    I think that is the one.
    SprintPhoto_bxgwvr [1024x768].jpg

    The only difference I see is the name ultra is on my cover so maybe check out the site.

    Picture from my moment of course.

    The back has a clip or you can put through belt loops and protects the screen of course.

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