Cases, Protection, etc.

what do you guys use?

im ocd about dropping my phone without a case but it looks soooo good without the case


Invisible shield for the whole body of the phone. I dropped mine on the road and it left scratches on the front. I had to order the new front housing to replace those f'en scratches. So yea I've been using it on my first behold and it'll great. I ordered mine from ebay yesterday =D


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The day I bought the phone, the T-Mo store said they didn't have any cases/protectors (This was literally within a week of release), so I was going to get a generic one.

On my way out, though, I saw the clear "clamshell" case from T-Mo.

Works great *EXCEPT* sometimes getting keys right on the edge of the touchscreen to register can be a pain (Thank God for Swype).

In fact, I've gotten SO used to the case that when I take it off, it feels uncomfortable (and I even have trouble finding the side-buttons :p)