Cases that fit with extended battery?


I just ordered a Droid X2 to replace my D1 and I ordered the extended battery to go with it. I've tried searching for cases that support the extended battery but I'm having finding any that even mention it.

Does anyone have the extended battery and found a case to fit it?
From what i have seen, i got the extended battery and cover today.. there is hardly a difference at ALL in the size of the coer or battery.. Maybe < 1MM?? i found it so oddm, that the extended batter is what the phone should have came with in the first place. A way to squeeze $50 out of a customer.


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depends what battery you got. if you got the 1800 one thats the moto one, then just about any case will fit.

Its not recommended to use the stock door with the new bat., its been proven it puts too much pressure on the screen.


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I have the mid-level Otterbox and the DX with the extended battery and it fits just fine. I can provide pics sometime tonight or tomorrow if you'd like.


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Now that I have it I see what you all mean. There is barely any difference in size at all with the extended battery and cover. I went ahead and ordered an otterbox.