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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Drop Knowledge, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Drop Knowledge

    Thread Starter

    Anybody found any cases they really like with their MoPho? Picked up a RocketFish case and it's not too bad; pretty generic, smooth black case.

    Really looking into the Otter Box cases, anyone have one of these yet? I've heard they were nice but haven't been able to find one in store to check out.

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  2. Frizz

    Frizz Newbie

    the plain sprint store case is really good
  3. Mikenk

    Mikenk Member

    I agree, particularly after a bit of filing to fit the car dock.

  4. Flipper

    Flipper Guest

  5. braxx

    braxx Newbie

    I had the silver case from the Sprint store. I hated it. Too smooth andplasticy. I now have the Otterbox Commuter and I LOVE it. Perfect combination of ruggedness and a little bit of style.
  6. ghodzilla5150

    ghodzilla5150 Android Enthusiast

    I have the Otterbox Defender. It does Defend the Photon GREAT. Does not make it that big and has a built in screen protector. Really nice case. ALl the buttons work fine. Reall good case.
  7. Citizen Coyote

    Citizen Coyote Android Enthusiast

    I just ordered the TPU case from Amazon so can't say anything about it yet, but several other posters have it and have no complaints with it as a basic case. If you want good protection and don't care about dock use, the Otterboxes seem like good bets.
  8. GottWhat

    GottWhat Member

    I bought the Otterbox commuter and couldn't be happier.
  9. edlex

    edlex Android Expert

    +1 on the Defender! Very well made and tight tolerances on the phone fit. I was very dissapointed at how the defender fit on my OG EVO and how it rattled in the holster but you can tell they had time to really make the one for the MoPho fit perfect. Last case I'll need that's for sure.
  10. murphyrulez

    murphyrulez Lurker

    I love my Otterbox Commuter. I had the EVO3D prior to the Photon, and I bought the Defender for it. The Defender was just too big and bulky, when I sent the 3D back, I returned the Otterbox to Best Buy...
    Got my Photon, and ordered the Commuter from Amazon. (10 dollars cheaper there) It's perfect. A soft silicon layer, hard plastic layer, and a screen protector included. The screen protector was the easiest one I have ever installed, and I've installed many...

    Here's a photo album with the different layers shown:

    Photo Album - Imgur
  11. Drop Knowledge

    Thread Starter

    Just ordered the Otter Box Commuter on Amazon for just over $20. Gonna return the RocketFish case once it comes in. Thanks for all the feedback.

    I'm assuming the case I'm currently using is similar to the generic Sprint store cases that people mentioned. While it does its job, it seems for the price and inclusion of a screen protector, Otter Box is the way to go.
  12. JSchu22

    JSchu22 Android Enthusiast

    No offense to anyone but I've never understood the love for Otterbox cases. Like another type of rubber protective device, I can see tolerating out of necessity but not typically something you look forward to having on.

    I happen to love the black snap on case available at Sprint. Not the holster it comes with though.
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  13. Citizen Coyote

    Citizen Coyote Android Enthusiast

    My TPU case came in yesterday and it fits great. Looks and feels nice, too, although you can definitely feel the seam on the side as TwoSpirits mentioned elsewhere. I have not tried to actually use it with the car dock yet, but my test seating without the insert did not make me hopeful.

    For $8 on Amazon, it's a good deal for a simple no-frills case.
  14. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor
    VIP Member

    yeah that's the only issue I have with the TPU case. It really does not allow the Photon to keep in contact with the protruding ports of the car dock. Other than that, its a very good case.

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  15. mitchedo

    mitchedo Member

    Has anyone seen a genuine leather horizontal belt case? I have found a couple of fake leather ones, including one from a local store that says "leather" all over the package.

    The fake leather cases wear out too fast.
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  16. zombdroid

    zombdroid Android Enthusiast

    I also purchased the tpu case from Amazon. Loving it! I also had the tpu for my EVO 4g and 3d. Solid protection and price.
  17. Torisen

    Torisen Newbie

    Are cases really needed? Sorry, I'm just getting into the cell phone game and this may seem like a stupid question or maybe it is.
  18. simcha

    simcha Android Enthusiast

    Torisen, that's actually a very good question.

    In my opinion it comes down to personal taste. Also it depends on how rough you are with your phone.

    I've made the decision that my MoPho doesn't need a case or screen protector. It has a sturdy construction. The screen is scratch resistant and tough Gorilla Glass. I keep my phone in my pocket with my wallet. I don't want it to be bulky. My pockets bulge enough. Also I never have anything in my pocket that might damage my MoPho. I don't like the feel of the screen protectors. I like the sleek and smooth feeling of the Gorilla Glass.

    Also, I bought Best Buy's 24 month protection plan up front with the Buy Back Program. If my MoPho is damaged by me I can get it replaced or fixed easily.

    Others feel that they want their investment encased in the maximum amount of protection to prevent anything from happening. They want to keep the phone pristine. It may increase the price if they want to sell it later.
    Citizen Coyote likes this.
  19. mkvoran

    mkvoran Member

    Lots of love here for the Otterbox commuter. I ordered one, and also a 3.00 TPU case from ebay (smoke/ argyle - because I like to have some style sometimes :p)

    Anyway I actually think the otterbox is a bit overrated(for the price) I don't see it having much more protection than the TPU case from a drop/shock standpoint. and the extra bulk is a bit much for me. Also the access to the power port is a bit annoying for everyday use, especially if you use docks.

    the TPU case I got is AWESOME(especially for 3 bucks). Sleek, same corner/drop/shock protection as the Otterbox(commuter) in my opinion and it fits like a dream. Yeah sure the otter has the plastic back, but most drops land on the corners and in those areas, its just thin silicone. I'm no scientist so I could be way off here, but it just doesn't seem 30.00 better than a 3.00 TPU case.

    What I have been doing is using the TPU around the house/office - and if I am going to be outside at a tailgate or something, or somewhere where I might drink alot (get clumsy), I throw on the commuter. even though it seems like the difference in shock protection is negligible, the hard case back certainly adds some protection and also having the ports closed up is nice if you are in a dirty environment.

    That strategy seems to be working for me, but if you really are looking for protection over form, skip the commuter and get the defender series Otterbox. Cut out the useless screen protector on it though, gorilla glass feels great and I can't scratch it if I tried. And skip any screen protectors. Even the best ones feel terrible compared to the gorilla glass.

    Just so you know where I am coming from, I like to keep the phones nice for resale so that's my main concern. I do have insurance so breakage is a secondary concern.
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  20. maximumdroid

    maximumdroid Lurker

    I bought the otter box defender for the EVO 4g and I hated the whole thing. I am an electrical contractor and need all the protection I can get on any of my phones. I bought the Ballistic Case for the EVO and it was a difference of night and day. Now that I have the Photon 4G, I am hoping Go ballistic comes out with a case since I cannot go for the flimsy rubber design that does not stay in place and moves all around, while trying to holster the phone. I guess it is ok for people that work in light duty situations. As a matter of fact the day that the Ballistic case came I went to remove the otter defender and while removing the silicone rubber shell it split in the corner. I was not even pulling hard it shock me. So I think I might wait for the Ballistic case.

    Called GoBallistic they said they were going to wait ans see about building a case for the Photon 4g, so I purchase the otterbox expecting the worse and I can honestly say that I am surprice. I guess they learned from the evo case because this one so far has being rock solid performance, no loose silicone rubber cover. So it is and excellent case to purchase and protect your phone.
  21. eagle7

    eagle7 Newbie

    Anybody know of a clamshell type case that will fit? I work outside and it can get dusty and dirty. Or could you recommend a pouch.
  22. busted bones

    busted bones Android Enthusiast

    I agree, I feel like I could drop this out a second story window and it would survive. Every side is protected by both the shock absorbing gel and hard plastic cover.

    It did give me one hell of an annoying problem removing the cover from the screen protector though.
  23. Citizen Coyote

    Citizen Coyote Android Enthusiast

    I think Simcha said it well. It's personal preference, although if you want to sell your phone later having it looking nice will definitely help get you a better price. I bought a case mainly so I wouldn't have to deal with the squeaky battery cover anymore.

    On the TPU case from Amazon, I second twospirit's conclusion that it doesn't work with the car dock. However, I think I can modify it via Dremel to make it work at the expense of a little protection around the ports. It just needs more room to fit the little "shelf" that the protruding plug of the dock sits on.
  24. photon_fanboy

    photon_fanboy Newbie

    Ok so I own otterbox defender for the photon and I absolutely love it. Rather than list pros and cons I will try to just give a in depth idea of what u can expect

    Whats included:

    A front and back hard case
    A screen protector preattached to the front case
    A rubber cover to fit over the hard case when the 2 hard cases are clipped together
    A hard case u can use to hold ur phone in with a clip that attaches to say a belt buckle


    The case in its entirety I would say is about an inch thick, give or take a few centimeters...sorry I couldn't find a ruler.

    The case is elevated a few centimeters from the phone fom the front and the back...this means ur sceen and cameras never come in direct contact with a flat surface should u drop the phone.

    The elevation away from the screen along with the screen protector makes the phone slightly less sensitive to touch. This to me can be good and bad...my thumb or forefinger can not accidentlly hit the main soft buttons when turning the phone sideways...however any button near the corners of the of the screen have to be pressed slightly harder....i like that the main buttons need to b pressed harder....but typing csn b a bit frustrating at first with the letters near the corner of the screen.


    The rubber covering fits like a glove

    No loose fits at all, though I heard something about it not fitting well when connected to a dock.

    The rubber coverings are made sturdy and protect the phone ports from collecting dust.

    The buttons for the phone are also very responsive with the case on.

    Also the cutouts are absolutely perfect and the kickstand pops in and out with no issues of sticking

    The rubber has a nice grip to it and easy to handle making the phone a lot less slippier.

    And finally something I really like, I can now hold the phone up to my ear without the heat the phone gives off iritating my ear.


    First off as I said it comes preattached to the front hard case...which means u can clean the front and back.of it anytime u wish. However this means things are more lilely to get in between the screen protector and the screen...but so far the only tjing that got between it is cloth fuzz

    There appears to be no orange peel affect, and even if there is its a lot less noticeable than say the invisible shield brand.

    The screen potector actually feels pretty good to the touch and so fast is pretty good and responsive, just as I said before slightly less sensitive in some areas


    Looks sturdy and seems to hold the phone well, but is pretty bulky as well, but as far ashow good it works I cant say because right now I have no use for it, so maybe someone else who uses it can comment.

    I hope this helps u guys with ur decision... and if otterbox defender series is the right case for u.
  25. efisdo

    efisdo Lurker

    Has anybody thought about Ghost Armor? I think it's better than a case. I work there and I hear very good comments about the product. People come back telling me it does work! That it has saved their phone from breaking. We get A LOT of people!!! That many people can't be wrong lol

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