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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by silentflow, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

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  2. kylecummins

    kylecummins Android Expert

    says he has 10, message him.
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  3. mattywalnuts

    mattywalnuts Well-Known Member

    i have and do not recommend, use the appropriate covers for each battery...

    are you carrying the covers in your pocket?...you need to get a man bag : )
  4. veccster

    veccster Android Enthusiast

    Several in this thread are using the standard cover with the extended battery. It's a tight fit but no harm done.

    I'm waiting for cheap Japanese batteries to come out with the separate charger - like 3 batteries + charger for $15.
  5. pfs78

    pfs78 Newbie

    I just wish there was a kickstand on the otterbox ones, I purchased the combo deal with I got my phone, i don't use the holster but I love the fact it has a kickstand on it.
  6. clb2196

    clb2196 Android Enthusiast

    I think I want the Sena pouch, but I'm gonna wait til a few of you receive yours and see how you like it. :) I've been ok with the TPU case, but I really like my phone naked (well, it has the XO skin), just want so protection when I put it in my bag or whatever.
  7. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Haha, well I do have a laptop case I take with me often, but often if I'm going out to bars or some event I don't want to drag something like that around. With my DINC I had two extra batteries (usually only needed one) that I would keep in a business card case and just throw that in my pocket. Much easier than carrying a second cover around also.

    I was inquiring on using the extended cover with the standard battery. I got away with having a Seidio extended batter in the standard cover on my DINC, but have heard horror stories of this tension messing with other phones, so would like to avoid it.

    Finally ordered the Nexus from Verizon today, and with 2 day shipping I should have it Tuesday (ugh), so I'll experiment with it.
  8. drPheta

    drPheta Well-Known Member

    I just received the Body Glove case in the mail, and it's a very nicely made one. The fit is "relaxed" on the stock battery and cover. For the extended battery it's "snug". In fact, with stock battery/cover it slides out for easy battery access if needed. With the extended battery/cover it's tough to slide out if you need to get to the battery or SIM card. Still, it works well with either. No weird bulges or gaps anywhere.

    Outside, it's your standard hard case. Low profile, solid, etc. On the inside there's a nice touch felt fabric to keep your case from scratches... I'd also imagine the felt helps to reduces jarring impact if you drop it.

    1. Felt is only lined on the back panel, not sides
    2. It's painted, so I'd imagine this will rub/chip off at some point. I wish it was a dyed plastic instead of painted.

    Definitely recommended.
    Body Glove Icon Slide-On Case for Verizon Galaxy Nexus - Android Hard Cases - ShopAndroid
  9. clb2196

    clb2196 Android Enthusiast

  10. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Good to hear. That's ideal for me, and I will most likely have a Seidio Surface case on it eventually (when they put one out for the extended battery), and that will hide any give.
  11. Blue218

    Blue218 Android Enthusiast

    A satchel? Like the one Indiana Jones has?
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  12. Bandit390

    Bandit390 Newbie

    No one has yet to get a seidio active?
  13. evrafter

    evrafter Newbie

    Thanks for this. Answered every question I was trying to figure iut last night .
  14. Member112085

    Member112085 Guest

    My cases came today! I like them both, but the Barely There case is my favorite. I still like my TPU case for when I need a little more protection, but the Barely There case will be perfect for daily use, and it adds almost no thickness. And it's PINK. :D:D:D:D It's the little things in life that make me happy.
  15. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I ordered one from amazon- should be here in a day or so. I'll try to remember to post a review. I hope it adds a lot of grip, this phone is slippery and my fingers are all butter.
  16. kylecummins

    kylecummins Android Expert

    Just went and got silver carbon fibre ghost armor put on to cover the few scuffs my nexus acquired during a fall :(

    I will scoop the gfs 4s tomorrow and take some pictures. I think now i need a clear case, been considering the boxwave active but kind of want a soft skin vs a hard clear case.

    Anyone got any suggestions?
  17. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I did and they said that they didn't have any more in stock...it was fairly disappointing. Thanks for thinking though!
  18. Jason101

    Jason101 Newbie

    So, I received my Seidio Active Case Combo (with KickStand).

    And first, let me start off by saying, it works like a charm with the Extended Battery. There is only some minor lifting on the bottom, but nothing to get excited about.

    Another user had asked if the Incipio case fits in the Active holster, and it does! Quite Nicely. The only catch is that you have to pull back on the spring clip to get it in the holster and not just "push" the case in. This is because the silicone on the Incipio is softer than that of the Seidio. The Seidio one you can just push the case to lock it in the holster since the Silicon is a bit harder. But, not a deal breaker. OK, Enough said. Here are some pics with some comments:

    Seidio Active Case with Samsung Extended Battery Installed

    Small Lift on Bottom due to the extended battery:


    In Holster (rear view)

    In Holster (Front View)

    Here's what the Seidio case looks like with just the silicone on. I don't like the big gap, but I think that's becuase of the Kickstand space needed.

    Incipio case with Extended Battery Installed. Notice the gaps on the side

    Incipio Case in the Active Holster:


    And here's how the shells and silicons compare to each other:


    I hope this helps. I don't think I'll be keeping the Seidio Active case. If anything, I'll order just the holster and use that with the incipio case. I've always had Active Cases (for my EVO), and something just doesn't feel "Right" about this case like it did for my Evo. I'll give it a week and see how I like it. I have the Surface Case arriving tomorrow.
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  19. kylecummins

    kylecummins Android Expert

    what are the return policys like with the online purchases, i assume youf on the hook.to ship it back if u dont like it.
  20. kylecummins

    kylecummins Android Expert


    Just one picture before iphone died, ill edit post tomorrow with more.

    Full kit silver carbon fibre ghost armor + screen
  21. TrumpetMan

    TrumpetMan Android Enthusiast

    In looking at your photos I don't like the way it fits either, it also looks like it collects lint just like the Incipio case does which I have and and will be returning. I ordered a Seidio Surface case which should arrive today or tomorrow. I had a Surface case on my Dinc and I like it more than any I've tried.
  22. Jason101

    Jason101 Newbie

    Agreed. I like the Incipio case far better than the Seidio case, but will always prefer the Surface case. Now, If only it worked with the Extended Battery *Sigh*.

    Another side note-- I find myself "hunting" for the power button on the Active case due to the groves and curves in the case where on the incipio case its super easy to find. Also, on the Active case the power and volume buttons are "stiffer" becuase inside the case there is no "nipple" to depress the button so it takes a little more effort. This is great for the volume buttons becuase on the incipio case I found myself accidentially pressing the volume buttons while turning the phone off. That problem has vanishaed on the Active case becuase of the stiff buttons.

    Hopefully Seidio will listen and support the OEM Extended Battery
  23. EraserXIV

    EraserXIV Newbie

  24. reggie16

    reggie16 Member

    so how do we go about trading it in? i received mine on xmas eve and i am not satisfied.

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