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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by silentflow, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. kylecummins

    kylecummins Android Expert

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  2. fran1r

    fran1r Member

    Now I'm disappointed because they already mailed me revision 2 in exchange for the first version and I would have been happy to wait for this.
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  3. gripweed

    gripweed Android Enthusiast

  4. kcs7272

    kcs7272 Android Expert

    Same here
  5. reggie16

    reggie16 Member

    anyone know how to get the revision case? I remember seeing posted somewhere about sending the first case back but i cannot find it anymore
  6. Rhystatic

    Rhystatic Well-Known Member

    Considering it says it takes 12-48 hours for all bubbles to leave and the skin to fully set. Bad idea. I love mine. After about two weeks now it's so damn smooth.
  7. Rhystatic

    Rhystatic Well-Known Member

    Every site, company. country, etc. all differ. But generally, the bigger better larger companies all either ship a replacement to you then you put the old one in the box and return it, or they ship you an empty box to put old one in, then send a replacement. Both with shipping normally paid for by them. Again, depends on policies. Return, Damage, their fault. UPS's fault. etc.

    There are a lot more options, those are just the two common ones I see. First case scenario obviously being superior.
  8. reggie16

    reggie16 Member

    I bought a Incipio Silicrylic 2 piece case from verizon with the black silicone and white shell on the outside. Looks a lot nicer than the all black one. Its a nice case the only downside i see is the lint it will collect. But i might only use it to put in my backpack pocket during school.
  9. Kod1ak

    Kod1ak Newbie

    I have the Seidio Active case and love it. It doesn't add a ton of bulk at all like the Otterbox does. I had one of those on my Evo that I used to use for work. The Seidio Active does get a little bit of lint on it if it's in the pocket...but it's not that bad at all. It's just sight and a quick wipe with the finger and it's gone.

    I love the way the phone feels with this case on. As I said it doesn't add a ton of bulk but still adds very good protection. I wasn't crazy about the kickstand as I knew it would add to the width but honestly I barely even notice. This is a great case.

    One of the things I love is that my screen protector doesn't go all the way to the edge but the Seidio Active covers enough to hide that fact. I don't have an extended battery yet, but I have read that it works and as you can see in the above post...it barely adds any depth to the phone. I can't wait to get mine.

    Overall, I am very happy with this case. I got it with the holster and I honestly barely know it's there. Compared to my Evo with Otterbox...its feels like a feather...lol.
  10. IndecisiveElle

    IndecisiveElle Android Expert

    How are you liking the xo skin? I've been considering the same idea as you. Skin + Sena pouch. I have a diztronic TPU case on now too and I like it, but I'd like a pouch.

    Also has anyone tried the SGP case put out for the Gnex. It's supposed to be TPU as well and comes in some very nice colors.
  11. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Android Expert

    I got the same one, a nice change from always getting black cases. It looks great, but the silicone is a lint collector.
  12. NextNexus

    NextNexus Member

    According to the description in the youtube clip, it states:

    Not sure about getting your original purchase replaced. Me, like some others here, got ours replaced with revision 2. I originally asked him if he (Clay, the owner) planned on having the volume cutout and he replied no. I'm glad that enough of us wanted it changed that he changed his mind.
  13. clb2196

    clb2196 Android Enthusiast

    I love xo skins. A little rubbery, but you get used to it. Wet applications are so much easier! No bubbles, no orange level effect.

    I actually just grabbed a pouch at Brook stone. The phone stick out the top a tad, and its not quite as slim as the Sena but it also has some slots to stick credit cards, which I've been wanting too. Has a little quick pull tab to slide the phone out easily.
  14. Droid Ninja

    Droid Ninja Well-Known Member

    I can also confirm this. Just got my updated case today. 100% improvement over revision 1 of this case. Now, I would recommend this case to all. Very nice.
  15. droidfan1

    droidfan1 Android Enthusiast

    Revision 3 is set to come out by Jan 12th. I'm gonna wait till it drops and then purchase it.
  16. Droid Ninja

    Droid Ninja Well-Known Member

    Whats gonna be different about revision 3? The way the case is right now on my Nexus + extended battery, I could see no area of improvement.
  17. AndroidsOfTara

    AndroidsOfTara Android Enthusiast

    How long did you have to resist using your phone after applying this skin? The instructions for all of these wet application skins seem to want you to leave the phone alone for 24 hours.
  18. clb2196

    clb2196 Android Enthusiast

    I did it before I went to bed, I went probably 10 hours not using it. It took another 15 hours or so before it cleared up and looked good, but using it during that time didn't seem to harm it. Also I highly suggest applying in your bathroom with a bunch of shower steam.
  19. kg2128

    kg2128 Well-Known Member

    Revision 1=volume buttons covered and it fits improperly
    Revision 2=volume buttons covered and it fits better (but not perfectly) this is what I have right now :mad:
    Revision 3=volume buttons uncovered so there are no issues.
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  20. ANewDay

    ANewDay Well-Known Member

    One of the video reviews said that it works with the extended battery if you leave out the battery cover.
  21. Droid Ninja

    Droid Ninja Well-Known Member

    I must of gotten a good one cause my revision 2 fits with no issues. Revision 3 will be the cherry on top. Should of had a cut-out for the volume controls from the start.
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  22. kylecummins

    kylecummins Android Expert

    will all cases fit both gsm and lte version??

    looking at ordering through ebay
  23. kg2128

    kg2128 Well-Known Member

    I think it's ymmv on cases that fit both. Usually they say it should fit both but it's not guaranteed. Just like extended battery should fit but not guaranteed.
  24. droidfan1

    droidfan1 Android Enthusiast

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  25. Rons

    Rons Member

    That's looking nice! Anymore pics and info on it I'd appreciate it.

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