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Tips Cases!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by silentflow, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. UncleDraken

    UncleDraken Lurker

    I want one of those Diztronic Rev 3's. Can't find anywhere to buy it in the UK though :mad:
    Anyone else from the UK that can point me in the right direction??


  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    Checked the UK Amazon site and couldn't find one. Is it possible to import from the US? Also, email the owners themselves to see if they can point you in the right direction.

    Also, welcome to the site, you'll love it here! :)

    I also have one of these coming, I'll let you know how it is (price is dirt cheap anyway)
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  3. kylecummins

    kylecummins Android Expert

    Anyone else order a diztronic directly from their site to be shipped to Canada?

    If so how long am I supposed to wait for this?
  4. Shockwave78

    Shockwave78 Android Enthusiast

  5. UncleDraken

    UncleDraken Lurker

    I couldn't even find anyone from the UK selling it on eBay or through Google's shopping search thing. But as GrenW found, it's not that expensive to get it imported from the States.

  6. hlsilver

    hlsilver Well-Known Member

    Got my Rev. 3 Diztronic earlier this week. Fits great, cutouts are great and all, but it just doesn't feel grippy enough for me, I feel like it's going to slip out of my hand. Great case if I'm just using it at home but I feel much more comfortable with my Defender. I may try a gloss Diztronic instead and see if it's grippier. Commuter is a must in the near future though, not too much bulk but plenty of protection and peace of mind.
  7. Rdjr74

    Rdjr74 Android Enthusiast

    they've revised the case. Works fine with mine. Love this case.

    Heres a shot of my rev2 diztronic. Went ahead and cut out my own volume holes. Works great!

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  8. dhworph

    dhworph Android Enthusiast

    I went with the incipio from the VZW store (+ regular screen protectors). I like it.

    -it attracts lint from my pocket
    -its hard to tap close to the edge of the screen (rarely an issue)
    -it is difficult to slide in/out of the pocket as the rubber sticks
    -it makes a big phone even bigger.

    -phone seems secure and well protected
    -comfortable in the hand and grippy (the naked phone seem really easy to drop)
    -Looks pretty good

    Ideally I would like a stiff pocket sleeve/pouch with a clip. But I don't like any of the ones I've seen online or in stores. I liked the one that was on my BB storm. It was a bit to hefty, but love the magnetic closure. I'd love to just try and make one myself...
  9. ANewDay

    ANewDay Well-Known Member

    Got my seidio active case with holster yesterday. It has a tighter grip than the diztronic rev3 but it seems to attract more lint and dust. The spring is a lot looser than the surface case I used on my Droid and the door sides are sharper which can easily cut into the screen if you're not careful. I may have to return it.
  10. Cudda

    Cudda Well-Known Member

    I'm torn between the Seidio Surface case and the Diztronic Rev 3 case.

    I had a Surface case on my Nexus One for a long time, and was absolutely thrilled with how it handled drops and such. Part of me just wants to stick with Seidio based on previous experience, but if someone can convince me that the Diztronic is a better case, I might switch.
  11. ANewDay

    ANewDay Well-Known Member

    ^ I'm thinking about getting the Surface case. The diztronic grip just doesn't feel tight enough. The top part of the surface case broke off after over a year on mine and bro's. I'm afraid that it's prone to that from swapping batteries. Maybe they have improved it since?
  12. R0llTide

    R0llTide Member

    I have a siedio active case on my Incredible. I seved its purpose very well and survived multiple drops. I liked the look of the incipio case so i bought one (purple/black) and love it. Now that i have the case i like the feel of it better than my previous siedio case. I have zero problems with it collecting dust/lint. I did not like the screen protector that came with it at all so found and bought a screen protector from boxwave and it is like night and day. It is very clear and was very easy to apply.
  13. BringTheRain403

    BringTheRain403 Android Enthusiast

    What case is this and where did you get it from?
  14. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Android Expert

    Just got my Diztronic Rev 3 case today and it's great. Keeps my GN slim, while having protection and cutouts for all the ports. I love the glossy front bezel because it gives an illusion that the screen continues.

    PS. THE SCREEN PROTECTOR THAT COMES WITH IT SUCKS. It has an extremely noticeable rainbow affect at most angles. The front facing camera is not cut out so if a piece of dust gets stuck on that part, you're screwed. Don't buy this case for the screen protector. Good thing I bought 2 XO skins.
  15. artman540

    artman540 Android Enthusiast

    Got my Otterbox Commuter on now with a Zagg screen protector. Best combo I've had. The only thing I don't like is the composite shell should have been soft touch.
  16. hlsilver

    hlsilver Well-Known Member

    How is it grip wise? I'm about to pull the trigger on buying one off Amazon but if it's not grippy I might as well stay with something else.
  17. EraserXIV

    EraserXIV Newbie

    Just got the crazy idea of running my GNex with the extended battery, but without the battery cover on in the Diztronic R3. It feels much thinner now... and the case it self does seem to cover up pretty much everything. The original battery cover was pretty thin itself anyway... doubt there's much difference in terms of protection? Anyone think this is a bad idea?

    If so, I may just run it with the original battery cover on top of the extended battery. It's a tight fit, but it still fits pretty well.
  18. artman540

    artman540 Android Enthusiast

    The grip is slightly better than stock. I was unsure of it at first, but when using it I find I cradle the corners in my hand and the rubber keeps it in place. Definitely a nice case which adds little bulk at all and tons of protection. Would recommend.
  19. BzB

    BzB Android Enthusiast

    you cannot go wrong with the seidio surface case. i have one on my gnex right now and it also fits with the extended battery and standard back. i've used them on my previous 4 phones and have not been disappointed. the only gripe i have (if you can call it a gripe) is that it's difficult to take off and you need to be careful or the pieces can break.

    for that reason alone i ordered a diztronic rev 3 case just to see how it compares. should have it in today or monday.
  20. If it's hard to take off then it's an immediate fail for me and you definitely can go wrong :)
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  21. BzB

    BzB Android Enthusiast

    i can see how that would be an issue for some and not an issue for others.

    for my previous phones the desktop dock and car dock accommodated the case, so needing to remove the case was never an issue since i almost never needed to remove it.

    not so with this gnex right now since there are no accessories compatible with the case yet...which is why i'm going to try the diztronic. :)

    the only potential concern i have with the diztronic is that over time these types of cases can stretch out and don't fit as well over time. i've never encountered that issue with a seidio surface case though...
  22. redraptor

    redraptor Android Enthusiast

    Just curious, other than Best Buy and Verizon, where can I grab a case for this phone in the wild? I know 5 Below carries a wide variety of cases for android phones, but I doubt they have any Nexus ones yet. Any ideas?

    Also, I know there was a white and black case that recently came into Verizon (I cant remember the name) that caught my eye. Its selling for 30 bucks, any ideas on that?
  23. But remember that you can buy 3 Diztronics cases for the price of the Seidio

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