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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by silentflow, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Damn, guess I wasted money on the other case... didn't expect this one to be released so early.

    I'll probably hold off until the Rugged combo is available on Amazon for a cheaper price.

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  2. Beatlesfan

    Beatlesfan Well-Known Member

    Earlier today I ordered both of the Otterbox cases from their site. I've had awesome luck with Otterbox cases in the past for phones and iPods. They're pricey, but we'll worth it in my opinion.
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  3. efApple

    efApple Member

    so i ended up getting the extended battery... and while it fits inside my diztronic TPU case.. its so snug that it presses in the volume buttons... so that ended up being a waste for me. Will wait to see if some extended battery cases come out or if anyone can recommend one that they got that fits
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  4. metlcat

    metlcat Android Enthusiast

    Is this with the extended battery back? One person is saying in the Extended battery thread that the stock back fits with the extended batter in it. You could give that a try and see if it helps.
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  5. GDLions

    GDLions Lurker

    Anyone ever used a Case Mate before? I am looking at the Tough Case...any thoughts?
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  6. fran1r

    fran1r Member

    Don't feel bad. I don't have the extended battery and the Diztronic presses my volume buttons sometimes. :(
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  7. fatsix

    fatsix Newbie

    Nillkin is a no go for the LTE.

    The incipio feather doesnt cover the top and bottom of the phone.

    Looks like diztronic, wish they had more color options.
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  8. EdenObscured

    EdenObscured Well-Known Member

    Bought Verizons black high gloss silicone case and the holster belt case.
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  9. Crayon

    Crayon Member

    I already have both the Incipio hard case from Verizon and the Diztronic TPU case. I have to say, I like the Incipio better, but there is a small price differential.
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  10. fatsix

    fatsix Newbie

    How is the rubber around the screen? Does it look like its going to trap dirt and wear a line around the screen? My seidio did that.
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  11. J3ffro

    J3ffro Newbie

    He may have been doing it wrong, I've had an otterbox case on my phone with the extended battery all day with absolutely no problems or issues.
  12. NextNexus

    NextNexus Member

    Looking at the Seidio Surface...is it just me or can you not see where the case snaps together? My fascinate Seidio case snaps at the half way point. I'm looking at their pic on their website:

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  13. Crayon

    Crayon Member

    It's a rather good seal, but I can't attest to it's durability in that field just yet. I do think it'll attract a bit of a dust around the edges, but I've found all cases do that around the seal area.
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  14. galpdawg

    galpdawg Android Enthusiast

    casemate barely there or incipio feather? what would you pick. looking to just keep phone slim but kinda protected. I never really use cases but thought i might be a good time to protect this precious phone
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  15. Flyguy94

    Flyguy94 Well-Known Member

    I just order my Surface case from Seidio. Had one on my DINC and Tbolt very nice cases. If anyone is going to order from Seidio use promo code DEC2011 and get 15% off, drops the price to 25.46 with free shipping. :)
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  16. galpdawg

    galpdawg Android Enthusiast

    found a casemate barely there on ebay new for 21, so ill see how that is when it comes
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  17. Yellow Snowman

    Yellow Snowman Android Enthusiast

    I have one for my t-bolt and its great. not only does it look great, but it feels great too.

    i dont like rubber cases because it pulls out the lining of my pocket when i pull it out of the pocket. the case mate i have has plastic on the back and sides but rubber over the buttons.

    had it since i bought the phone and its been great. i plan on getting on with the nexus, but can't upgrade for a month :eek:

    Oh well, price on the phone will hopefully drop by then and i will use my savings for a new battery and case.
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  18. Kid Dynamite

    Kid Dynamite Newbie

    As for screen protectors, I've used InvisiShield for years now. It's a tougher rubberized screen protector that looks and feels much better than the cheap plastic protectors. It'll be the best $15 you've ever spent. Also, InvisiShield offers a lifetime guarantee!
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  19. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    I have the Diztronic case, here's the front and back. Seems to be pretty good so far. My screen protector covers the entire phone, and the edges of the case kind of are pushing up against the protector lifting it a little. I may sand/file them down just a wee bit.


  20. brettlewis

    brettlewis Android Expert

    How much bulk does this add? I'm interested in a case, but really don't want to add any thickness like some other cases I have owned.
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  21. allen2oo3

    allen2oo3 Well-Known Member

    the incipio feather is VERY nice on the iphone. ive never had the casemate equivalent but i think i may get it over the feather because it seems the coverage is slightly better.
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  22. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Android Enthusiast

    Same here, no issue with my extended battery.
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  23. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert

    Bought a TPU "S-line" off of Amazon for a 7 bucks, looks great and adds just enough protection. Plus it has grips on the sides which comes in handy on a phone this size.
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  24. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Android Expert

    +1 on the Case Mate Barely There case. Also have one on my Thunderbolt and barely adds any bulk to the phone. Bought one for my GNex, should be here in a few days.
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