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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by silentflow, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. swiff

    swiff Member

    Thanks Cruzer, let me know when it is ready,possibly with a pic on this thread.
    Curious to see how it looks. In the mean time i think i will order the white one the andy
    guy looks less visible on this one.


  2. fran1r

    fran1r Member

    A quick review of my Mercury case:

    I have the Diztronic Rev 2 and am pretty happy with it, but thought the Mercury case looked nice, so I bought one to have a change of pace.

    Took about 12 days to get it from Korea. It looks nice and the holes line up OK. The problem is that the case doesn't fit properly. (It is also thicker than the Diztronic.) The fit along the bottom and left side is perfect. The right side doesn't come up as high and tight with the phone. The top is way loose---there is a lot of play if you push down on the case.

    Anyway, since it is too expensive to ship it back to Korea, I'll keep it, but I don't expect to ever use it. I wouldn't recommend it.
  3. quiklives

    quiklives Android Enthusiast

    I ordered the black, clear and teal Cruzer Lite cases on Amazon. They were backordered at the time, but shipped before the posted date, and got here really fast.

    I wish I had gotten white instead of clear, but that's my fault - and they all look great. The black one is more subtle, Andy doesn't show up as dramatically as the others. The teal one is also mostly see through, and the black one is opaque.

    I use them with the extended battery and they fit fine, though as someone else mentioned, you do have to put them on a couple of times sometimes or the cutout for the camera ends up off-center.
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  4. sonnysideup

    sonnysideup Newbie

    I wish that LifeProof would make a case for this phone. I see my iPhone friends with those cases and I hate them even more, lol. Those cases are awesome.

    Or I just wish there was a nice leather pouch (saddlebackleather.com had the one I used for my droid 2, but it's too short for this phone)
  5. Tabarnak

    Tabarnak Well-Known Member

    Sena Cases have leather pouches
  6. kylecummins

    kylecummins Android Expert

    Just remember its an IPhone inside the case. :)
  7. batwings1

    batwings1 Well-Known Member

  8. xyourlocaldjx

    xyourlocaldjx Lurker

    Anyone know where I can get the Mercury colored screen protector? I've searched everywhere.

  9. SuperDave

    SuperDave Lurker

    I'm trying my damnedest to get three of the Cruzer Lite Androidified cases (black, white and green) on Amazon with the Buy 2 get 1 promo code but the code won't work. I get "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase." every time. All 3 are showing In Stock. WTH.
  10. kylecummins

    kylecummins Android Expert

    maybe contact cruzerlite by email, I believe his email is a few pages back.
  11. sonnysideup

    sonnysideup Newbie

    How well do the Sena cases last? I'm looking at both of their pouches for the Nexus, while I really do like them (thanks!) and they don't seem to have a cut out on the bottom for audio and for charging. Bummer.

    Haha, poor poor people, they need to be shown the light
  12. SuperDave

    SuperDave Lurker

    Sent. Thank you.
  13. fran1r

    fran1r Member

    I don't know how long they last, but I returned mine because it was too tight. When I tried to get the phone out of the pouch it would press on the power and volume buttons. I think someone said they've improved them since the first version, but you should check.
  14. Tabarnak

    Tabarnak Well-Known Member

    Yea they improved them, when I was trying to order one I couldn't add it to my basket, I sent them an e-mail and they said that all the ones they currently have were stiched too tight and they are waiting for a new batch. For a couple of days after I couldn't see the case on the site and that's when the ugly one with the red stipe appeared. The nice one reappeared a day or 2 after.

    Does anyone know the name of the screen protecter that they ship with the diztronic case?
  15. Tunga

    Tunga Well-Known Member

    Email cruzerlite@gmail.com and he'll help you out. They are $10 per case plus $10 for shipping but the 3-for-2 applies. So you can have one case for $20 or three cases for $30. I got Clear, Green and Teal, they are all fantastic. Clear gives a nice neutral look and shows off the phone without hiding it too much, Green is the classic Android colour and makes Andy look perfect on the back, and Teal (it's a light blue, really) looks great if you have a lot of ICS blue theming on the launcher as I do.

    Mine were shipped within a day of payment, and arrived in under a week.
  16. callmeox

    callmeox Android Enthusiast

    As I suspected, using the Sena case for a couple of weeks caused it to stretch and I no longer have the same power button issue. As for durability, I had one on my Dinc for over a year and it looks like gently worn leather.
  17. fran1r

    fran1r Member

    I used mine as well, but not enough stretching to solve the button issue, so back it went. Just as well, since I prefer to always have the screen visible. Thought I wanted the sleeve because I'd get the dock, but that never happened.
  18. MattWantsCake

    MattWantsCake Lurker

    Found an excellent leather case on eBay for 3.75... folds around the side of the phone so its less cumbersome than most... you can stick a couple of cards like debit cards and ID. Easy to remove as well
  19. Tabarnak

    Tabarnak Well-Known Member

    Linky please
  20. MattWantsCake

    MattWantsCake Lurker

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  21. umataro42

    umataro42 Android Enthusiast

    I currently use the Diztronic Rev3 TPU case and its great for every day use. If I didn't already have it, I would have gone with the Cruzer Lite since I like the Android mascot on the back, but I've already spent enough on cases as it is.

    But I still would prefer something that feels a little more protected, but not too bulky (the Otterbox Defender is too bulky and not good if you keep your phone in your pocket).

    I was looking at the Ballistic Shell Gel Case, and provided my e-mail to get notified when it was available. I had also e-mailed their customer service and got a reply that it was expected to be ready by end of February or early March, which obviously didn't happen.

    Then I noticed this Boxwave Resolute OA3 case on Amazon, that seems to have the same 3 layers (and corner bumpers) as the Ballistic case, except its available now and less expensive. So I'm wondering if anyone has one of these, and how they like it, and if they keep their phone in their pocket?

    Update: got the Boxwave Resolute OA3 case over the weekend, and it provides the same feeling of protection as the Otterbox Defender but not as thick (there's no front panel piece like the Defender) and the silicon shell is mostly on the inner layer, with the outer layer being mostly the hard shell. It fits better in the pocket and slides in easier, but still pulls the pocket out with it because of the corner bumpers (which other than this inconvenience are good for extra protection).

    So for everyday use I'm still going to stick with my Diztronic Rev3 TPU case because it provides some protection but the phone stays almost as thin and its easier to get in and out of my pocket, and I'm generally careful with my phone. The Boxwave will be my case I use if I'm traveling or going hiking (which is rare but could happen) and will replace the Otterbox case for that use.

    The Ballistic case became available over the weekend but its $34.99 plus shipping, which I can't recall offhand (you have to go through part of the purchase process to see it) but I think was around $7 for standard. Maybe its made of higher quality material than the Boxwave but I'm not willing to spend any more money on cases, I'm good now with an everyday and rugged case.
  22. brounmoney

    brounmoney Android Enthusiast

    Has any one tried out the Trident case?
  23. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    That's to the suggestions in this thread, I ordered the Seidio Active holster and 3 Cruizer Lite TPU cases. Today, the holster and the Blue Cruzer Lite case came in but the volume section doesn't line up with my volume buttons (it's a little high) so it turns my volume down to vibrate, just from holding the phone. I should have two more cases coming in tomorrow so hopefully one of the other colors fits better since I'll be out of town for a week.

    EDIT: My other two Cruzer Lite cases had the volume controls cut out and fit much better.

    Do NOT buy the Cruzer Lite cases that don't have the volume cut outs. :D
  24. redraptor

    redraptor Android Enthusiast

    Ive been rocking the Kraken by Trident case and its a beast. I wanted something like an Otterbox but with a kickstand. And that it is! It is a simple silicone case wrapped in a polycarb shell. But you can knock it down to the simple silicone case and it works fantastically. The other BIG plus is the AMS system, which essentially means you can swap out the kickstand for some pretty nifty accessories like a car mount, bike mount, tripod mount and seatbelt holster. I got mine for 37 bucks on Ebay and New Egg is offering them for 32. They are DEFIANTLY worth the price. Check em out!

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus Kraken AMS Case - Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Samsung - Case

    Full Case




    Kickstand up



    Silicone Under case



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