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Accessories Cases?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by excav8ter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. excav8ter

    excav8ter Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So i would bet that Lifeproof and OtterBox will make a good case for the S6.... do you think the S6 Edge will get some attention too? I pretty much require an OtterBox Preserver or Lifeproof. Although lifeproof will need to make their case a bit differently so the speaker is more clearly heard while on the phone.



  2. vegasdroid

    vegasdroid Newbie

    I just ordered three Versus cases for the S6 edge last week. Received two of the three yesterday. They look and feel great. They're not as tough, as an OtterBox or Lifeproof. However, I think they'll do the job just fine.
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  3. excav8ter

    excav8ter Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    My job, work environment and hobbies basically require a Lifeproof or OtterBox Preserver type case. I own an excavating company and the conditions we encounter can be pretty harsh. I insure my phones and use cases as well, but i still manage to wreck a couple phones a year... plus, i do a lot of stand up paddle boarding where i get dropped off at on place and use my phone to call my wifeto let her know where i ended up, so she can pick me up.
  4. AndroidUser90

    AndroidUser90 Lurker

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  5. 1080p

    1080p Android Enthusiast

    Wouldn't a case pretty much wreck the feel of the curved edges on the side?
  6. Poweranimals

    Poweranimals Android Enthusiast

  7. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

  8. gregg1100

    gregg1100 Android Enthusiast

    May not need a case, lol
  9. inkrededibles

    inkrededibles Newbie

    Huh. Well, I kinda like these cases, so I'm fairly certain I'm gonna get them after I get my s6 edge. I usually like clear cases or things made of metal, but I might get a second case later in the future that suits me when I'm in that mood. Until then, I think this looks pretty classy.
  10. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Android Enthusiast

    I picked up both the Spigen Neo Hybrid as well as the Spigen Rugged Armor and am very pleased with both of them. The Rugged Armor adds very little bulk and fits very nicely. I am not sure how it'll handle a drop on the corner edge, though - it's supposed to give adequate shock absorption.

    I think I like the Neo Hybrid one better. It is slightly bigger than the Rugged Armor but it feels very sturdy - probably due to the hard frame. The texture of the TPU feels nicer in my hand and I think it would withstand drops better than the Rugged Armor.

    I chose these over the Tough and Slim Armor ones because I really wanted to retain the feel of the S6Edge and these two cases do just that - I really don't feel that it adds much bulk at all. I have the Tough and Slim Armor on my Note4 and you can feel the extra bulk it adds and I wanted to avoid that, assuming it would be the same for the S6E.

    I'm going to keep both cases but I think the Neo Hybrid is the one I'll keep on most of the time. Also, I really like the tactile feedback of the buttons too.

    Also, for those interested, the Qi wireless charging works either either of these cases on.
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  11. dave_new

    dave_new Lurker

    There's an outfit that I use for all my phones. They are called Noreve and are out of France but their service is first class. They make nice leather cases - although the Samsung S6 Edge isn't available for another couple of weeks. Not an option for somebody who's going to use it for excavation ;-)
    However for ordinary folks like me it works nicely.
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  12. CarpetPilot

    CarpetPilot Member

    I swear by this company, I've had nothing but good experiences with them. Dropped my S4 (with their case) down concrete stairs and had no damage.
  13. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    Checked out the site. Looks very interesting. Thanks
  14. excav8ter

    excav8ter Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The UAG casesdefinitely look tough. I put an OtterBox Defender on my S6 on day one. If i buy another case, it will be a waterproof case. If no one comes out with a waterproof case, I'll be considering going back to my S5 and give the S6 to my wife.
  15. Caesars

    Caesars Well-Known Member

    Using the uag right now, seems tough. .....but won't be testing lol.
  16. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    Come on now, what's the point of buying tough protective case without thoroughly testing it? :)
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  17. drugrunner

    drugrunner Lurker

    WIN_20150504_115138.JPG I have had my Edge for 9 days. It fell from my bathtub to the floor, about 15 inches. I think it hit a little metal ball bearing type thingy on a small toilet paper rack. Loud screams ensue.
  18. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    Ouch, I feel for you. Were you using any screen protector, though I doubt if they would have helped.
  19. drugrunner

    drugrunner Lurker

    Nope. I was just using the raw deal. All I kept hearing about was how hard the screen was, etc. etc. That is a crock! Tmobile told me that I was in luck and that for a small $175 fee, they would swap out my handset. I guess I don't have a choice, but I had been with them for 13 years and I am just so upset. The 15" fall was really what irritated me. I took a ruler in their to check it out!
  20. MT45

    MT45 Lurker

    Not heavy duty by any means but this case helped my S6 Edge survive a fall from chest level to an Ace Hardware concrete floor (glue down tile on concrete). Landed perfectly flat face down. Picked it up, not a scratch. Big changes to this style case from just 2 years ago - it's not that brittle clear lexan style, it's a little softer, more flexible polycarbonate. Feels infinitely more protective. Good "carrying it around" case for those rare drops in the parking lot, etc. If you dropped it onto a pebble on that lot - face down - it would probably break the screen as the case only extends past the phone face about 1 mm

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  21. excav8ter

    excav8ter Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I put the OtterBox Defender case on my S6 the day i picked the phone up. In the colder months i leave the case on all the time. When it warms up, and i don't have a jacket on with a pocket to slip the phone into, then i frequently take the case off when i go out.
    I like the toughness of the Defender, as well as the protection. But the screen protector causes me a lot of issues in the sunlight. It is quite difficult to see the screen, so i am constantly trying to shade the screen so i can see. Being that i work outside for a living, a tough case, ideally WATERPROOF, is a necessity, bit seeing the screen well is also crucial.
    Given my dislike for the issue i have with the Defender case, i bought a Ballistic case and tempered glass screen protector at BB yesterday. Yeah, it cost me $80, but i can see the screen much better, it fits in my pocket pretty easily and i still feel that i have pretty good drop protection.

    Now, i am anxiously waiting to see what Lifeproof and OtterBox do for a waterproof case.
  22. gabbyevs

    gabbyevs Android Enthusiast

    just got my s6 would like a clear case that one looks good and reasonable dyawlak
  23. CarpetPilot

    CarpetPilot Member

    Check out this site urbanarmorgear.com

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was released in 2015, and offered a curved display versus the standard flat panel found in the standard Galaxy S6. The device features a 5.1-inch display, 3GB of RAM, up to 128GB of storage, and a 16MP rear-facing camera.
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