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Casio Commando on Straight Talk?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wl7he, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. wl7he

    wl7he Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Can the Casio Commando be used on the Straight Talk network?? Just wondering, they have a much better deal than Verizon.


  2. Best Answer:
    Post #7 by piludo36, Jun 20, 2013 (3 points)

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  3. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    Straight Talk uses GSM, Verizon uses CDMA. The two phone technologies are not compatible.
  4. wl7he

    wl7he Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thats what I need to know, Thanks
  5. acejavelin

    acejavelin Android Expert

    Actually, Straight Talk uses both CDMA (Sprint and/or Verizon) and GSM (AT&T and T-Mobile) depending on the device and market area.

    But the answer is still the same, since Straight Talk does not allow any CDMA phones (like the Commando) to be activated on "their" service that they do not provide, GSM phones that work on AT&T or Tmobile can be activated via a SIM card.
  6. mrebeler87

    mrebeler87 Lurker

    I know the GSM feature of a Droid Bionic can be unlocked. Can the same feature be unlocked in the Cammondo? This would allow you to use it with a straight talk sim card.
  7. Willster419

    Willster419 The Casio Smartphone Guru

    I'm pretty sure you can have talk and text, but no data, on straight talk. also, about the sim card, there is no physical SIM card that you can take out. However , there is an app called SIM toolkit. stk.apk. and the hidden program menu.
  8. piludo36

    piludo36 Member

    My buddy upgraded and gave me his Commando. This is my first smart phone and as a PE teacher, it's awesome... although there's a learning curve.
    Anyhow I've been a Strait Talk customer for 2 years now. They can be a pain at times, but it's worth it when it works. Starting this past May they re-initiated they're "Bring your own phone" program. I made the leap this month. I got to keep my number and their was a one-time $16 fee for switching phones.
    Actually Verizon was quite helpful with the transition, prior, they told me what I'd need to provide Strait Talk. See the following:
    RE transfer commando phone to strait talk:
    Tech Support:
    To activate phone need either IMEI# or MEID # (same thing),
    Located under battery under barcode sticker
    # starts w/ a 9
    This worked perfectly. Only thing is I can't access the Verizon App store and a few other proprietary things. I can live with that.
    I actually came to this site to see if anyone else has experience with this, I'm wondering what apps I should dump, but I'm new to this phone and don't want to screw it up.
    Unlimited talk, text, data (so far, so good)! Still on the Verizon network (with limitations), so it's the best reception I've ever had with a phone.
    For those of you who want to change over, well that's how it's done.
    Anybody who's already done it and more tech savvy than me please share tips & tricks.
    Good luck & thanks!
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  9. Emgo

    Emgo Newbie

    I've considered changing to straight talk. Tell me about the down side. What's the cost for a plan like you have?

  10. jmorozco

    jmorozco Newbie

    I have my C771M130 working fine with straight talk.
  11. Willster419

    Willster419 The Casio Smartphone Guru

    ill have to tell my friend about this one. thanks piludo36!
  12. jhightman

    jhightman Lurker

    I have activated several Verizon CDMA phones on Net10.
  13. piludo36

    piludo36 Member

    You're welcome! Sorry, I only come here when I'm frustrated with my phone.
    Somebody asked how much, my plan is $45 per month plus tax.
    The phone is on Verizon towers and reception is excellent. I'm one of the only teachers at school that doesn't have to run to the cafeteria to get a signal.
    Since Last two builds I've had some problems though.
    My phone stopped being compatible with Verizon Messenger updates. I'm now forced to use the native version. This happened after an update late last year.
    Now with the m150 build I can't download Google voice, keyboard and when have to download a third party voice engie from Svoxx (more internal memory wasted).
    Turns out the Pico PTT is now empte and I can't find anyway to get it download "English" voice package.
    Pisses me off!
    Without access to google voice engines I can't talk and text, there's no 3rd party I can find... all miked keyboards require Google's voice engine.
    I wonder if Commando users still with Verizon have the same issue?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    PS Unrooted and plan to stay that way, I can't afford the risk and it's over my head.
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  14. piludo36

    piludo36 Member

    Question about Strait Talk app?
    I've seen in the Play-store. Most review are bad, but I saw one from a BYOP user who said it was designed for BYOP users and "idiots who buy their ST phones at Walmart" shouldn't have installed in the first place.
    As I've said earlier, my GZ1 is on Verizon towers with ST. Use as a phone and signal are awesome. Wi-Fi as well.
    I can't see any upside to downloading a fairly large app!
    Now if it could enable me to download Google Talk & Text and/or Google Keyboard I'd be interested.
    Still, my experience with the "technicians" at ST when I had one of their phones was abysmal and borderline torture. So polite and so ignorant. On the phone for hours. Since getting my Commando and going to ST I've had no reason to call them and I'd like to keep it that way.
    But if it could help... I used to be able to upgrade the native messenger, now since doing a factory reset I can't upgrade the native messenger. And I certainly don't want to put another messenger on the phone when I can't dump the native one and have limited storage, as you all know.
    Ya' think this problem is caused by the m150 build, Verizon or Google. All I know is every time I get this phone going, somebody screws it up.
    One more question... START UP AUDITOR?
    I just read about it. Since our Application manager doesn't have a "disable" option, it seems like this would a great add-on. I'm tired of disabling all the bloatware via data kill on every boot up.
    But although the reviews are stellar, they're about 2 years old. And the app is no longer on Googleplay, only third party download at Soft 112. This isn't a stupid task killer, I like the idea. If it's a memory hog after it does it's thing I'd kill it. Easier to kill one, than 21 on start up. But is it still compatible? And 3rd parties scare me.
    I'd really like some feedback.

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