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Jan 11, 2013
So I am a big fan of Castlevania, especially ps1 version Symphony of the night... SO far I found only Avenger which is more or less good, but not as satisfying...I played ps1 version via FPse (or was it ePSXe).... Anyway, are there any games similar to Castlevania? Action platformer with inventory and stuff :D

Thank you...
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You might try Swordigo. It's not quite exactly like Castlevania, but sorta similar and definitely a good game.

You should also definitely try Rico. There's no items or anything like that, but it is one of the best 2d platformers I have ever played.

You could also try the GBA and DS Castlevania games in an emulator if you haven't played them yet.

I've still got a ton of games in my "to play" list, so if I come across anything else I'll definitely report back here :)
Well the problem is I played all of castlevania games on my emulators :D Both on GBA and PSX :D And so far I found only 1 similar games in adition to all you recommended.

Indstr I played Swordigo, quite similar and I liked it a lot :D

Rico looks nice, not exactly what I want but I will try :D I also have a lot of games on to play list some even bought already and on my phone xD

d12unk13astard will check it out, thanks guys :D
^Well I can try prince of Persia if developer is kind enough to provide me either paypal or amazon to pay him. My country is not currently supported by google play (damn thieving government, did you know we were enabled, but because of scams we got shut down from the project? )