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CAT S41 going crazy

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by RogerIrrelevant, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. RogerIrrelevant

    Thread Starter

    CAT S41
    Android 8.0.0

    A few days ago the "battery share" app started on its own and it flashed on and off the screen repeatedly until I restarted the phone.

    That night my phone wouldn't charge but I discovered that it will charge if I turn the phone off. Bizarre!

    All was well for a few days until yesterday when the "battery share" appeared flashing on and off again. I restarted the phone again but this time got a message to the effect that android couldn't load because it may be corrupted. Try again or factory reset. Multiple attempts to try again failed and so I decided to bite the bullet and do a factory reset. Multiple attempts at a factory reset also failed.
    I started looking for and found a variety of android recovery programs (all of which for one reason or another are useless and all seem to use the same interface) and in the process found that if my phone is connected to my PC by USB then it will start up (sadly everything lost in the reset).

    Long story short this is where I'm now at
    • Phone will charge from wall socket or PC but only if the phone is turned off.
    • Phone will only turn on if connected via USB to my PC. If I attempt to turn it on without the connection to my PC I am informed that android is corrupted and given the choice of try again or factory reset.
    • I've downloaded a few programs that suggest they might help but when all is said and done they're not helping. "dr.phone" and "ReiBoot" appear to be the same thing and do not recognise my CAT and seem only to want to recognise Samsungs. "Mobikin" recognises my phone but doesn't do anything helpful.
    I'm hoping someone here can help or advise on what I might do next. Buying a new phone is not an option right now and turning the phone off to charge it and attaching it to my PC to turn it on is just a little annoying to say the least.
    Any and all thoughts gratefully received.

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  2. As a fellow CAT owner, I can attest, you will get little to nothing on this site.
    This place is like a ghost town....

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