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Cat s61 trouble calling after updating to Android 9

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kevin solem, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Kevin solem

    Kevin solem Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello people,

    My cat s61 was super until I updated it to Android 9. When I'm calling to others very often they don't hear me but I can hear them when they are talking.
    When I try to hang up and call back, I don't get disconnected from the call, the guy I'm taking to have to hang up to for me. Strange and super annoying problem.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  2. Zvonimirhvac

    Zvonimirhvac Lurker

    Yes, same problem with my CAT S61. everything was fine till last update 2 days ago and now I can't talk normaly. Is there any solution?
  3. Kevin solem

    Kevin solem Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I don't know yet, I reset the phone back to factory settings but did not help. I think we have to "downgrade" to the previous version of Android as a temporary solution.
  4. Zvonimirhvac

    Zvonimirhvac Lurker

    Any individual
    Any individual action is waste of time. I sent an email to CAT Mobile support UK and I will see what would they say. I gave 1000€ for that phone and I don't even think to solve it by my self, it's not some best-buy or sh!t-buy phone it's a brand and they need to do something. Otherwise, I will sue them because I use this phone for my business not for fun and I have many lost while clients can't reach me out.
  5. Kevin solem

    Kevin solem Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I got contacted by a guy who is making those phones. The fix is under way.

    Yes, same with me. I'm also using this phone for our business. Minimum 20 calls each day, not super funny when they say "hello, are you there?"

    Anyway, I will try to downgrade the Android version until the fix is here.

    By the way, I smashed the phone in to some hard plastic with screen first in anger because of this connection problem. It survived, not a crack. I'm 99 % sure if this was a normal phone the screen would not be alive.

    Good caterpillar
  6. Kevin solem

    Kevin solem Lurker
    Thread Starter

    The guy who are working on the fix gave me a tips. Go into Settings -> network and internet -> mobile network -> advanced and choose preferred network type and select 2G

    It's working for me
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  7. Casper tawil

    Casper tawil Lurker

    Hi there,
    Same problem here. After new uppdate get out of range. Bad connecting gwt SmS at someone called me. I missed many call. internet or don't answer. Using for work not for fun.
  8. I am Neil 2

    I am Neil 2 Lurker

    Yeah same problems here too screen also flashes to blank during calls. Also my busssiness phone.
  9. I am Neil 2

    I am Neil 2 Lurker

    Does anyone have more info on this. please??? My phone still playing up not all the time though!
  10. Hello.
    I have the same problem with my cat s61: after update to android 9, phone calls are a big problem, internet is a big problem.
    It's also my working phone, so it's giving me a lot of problems...
    I stoped the calling app, deactivated it and activated again, changed app, tested the mic with specialized apps (working fine, so must be a software issue), made an hard reset (trying to return to android 8...), nothing worked... always some problem making calls!
    I'm glad this is a software bug, because I was getting very ungry with cat: a very expensive phone breaking after 1 month...
    I made the network change and seems it's giving some results... Lets hope it keeps working until the fix is not in the market.
  11. John2233

    John2233 Lurker

    1: my friends solutions was: clear data and cache in mentioned failing apps.... Than(should it be done in the first place, but hey...) factory reset(hard reset with buttons, with clearing cache first from the same menu) ...
    Now, 2 questions: how to update to Android PIE on CAT S61 and second: How to roll back(where is Rom for the phone and what is the procedure) to Android Oreo in case of necessity ?
  12. This solution solved for me.
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  13. Hello.
    Anyone knows if the problem was fixed?
    I'm tired of being with only 2g...
  14. krzysieq

    krzysieq Lurker

    Same problem for me. Right now I turned my second sim card off and its working, but this is disgrace that I bought this phone and cant use dual sim. After update to PIE this phone is worse than Williams F1 car... Waiting for a bug fix, make it faster cause every day I want to throw it from a window........
  15. mat125

    mat125 Lurker

    Hello everybody! Nice to hear I'm not the only one. Seems like the phone is unable to switch automatically between 2G 3G and LTE after the upgrade. I had it only for few days before the upgrade, and was very happy with battery life and signal strenght (I operate mainly in woodland and rural area with poot GSM signal). After factory upgrade to Android 9 the brick is just a crap - unable to communicate. Unless you switch to 2G and then you don't heave a smartphone but a "dumbphone". Expensive dumbphone. Or have to switch to LTE each time you want to connect to the web. Maybe better find some old Nokia 3310 :) Or Samsung B2710 Solid :) I've notified it to CAT SERVICE via Contact Supprot webpage - no response at all.
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  16. Gabor P

    Gabor P Lurker


    Sorry my english.
    Same problem my S61.
    I wrote it to Cat support.
    Cat "support" repplies:

    "Thank you for your email regarding the update to Android 9
    We can confirm that there is an issue with this and we are looking into a fix to this at the present moment.
    As yet we have no information on when this will be available, please accept our apologies for any
    inconvenience this has caused.
    We would also recommend you perform a hardware reset on the phone in order to stop the bug occurring.
    In order to perform a hardware reset, you will find the reset button beside the SIM slot or on the back of the phone. Please use a pointy object, such as a pin, and push into the button in order to reset the phone.
    If you have any other issues then please get back in touch.

    It's not work.


    Thank you for your email regarding the update to Android 9
    We can confirm that there is an issue with this and we are looking into a fix to this at the present moment.
    Unfortunately there's nothing that we can do at the moment to help you with the problems you have with your device.
    As yet we have no information on when this will be available, please accept our apologies for any
    inconvenience this has caused.


    Thank you for your email regarding the problem that you have had since the upgrade of Android 9.
    I can understand that this is very frustrating for you and please accept our apologises for the inconvenience this has caused i can confirm that we are working on a fix for this but are unable to give you a specific timescale as to when this will be available.

    So the Cat support does not help. It's ridiculous.
  17. krzysieq

    krzysieq Lurker

    This is joke, its their fault and they told to reset and erease all data, am I dreaming....so unprofessional
  18. mat125

    mat125 Lurker

  19. Gabor P

    Gabor P Lurker

    That's a good idea but need a lot of Cat S61 owner.
    Maybe should to create a petition. I'm very angry. I bought the S61 1100USD and not work. The Cat support can't solve the problem and they not replace the phone and not give back the money.

    I use this phone in my business but I need to buy a new one. They pay a new phone to me? And where is the warranty??

    Sorry my english.
  20. I am Neil 2

    I am Neil 2 Lurker

    2g setting has work for me for now.

    had this response from Cat:-

    Dear Mr xxxxxxxx

    Thank you for contacting our Cat® phones customer support.

    Android 9 rollout has been delayed for a short while as a small number of customers like you have experienced issues.

    Would you mind sharing a bit more details about the issue? Can you confirm the issue that you have seen? Is it constant or intermittent? Which network are you on, in which country?

    We are working on identifying the remaining issues and fine tuning the software to update as soon as possible. Unfortunately, rolling back to the previous software version is only possible in the repair service centres.

    Please let us know if you would like to downgrade your phone, we will book a pickup with a courier. In that case, please send us your name, pickup address and phone number, and let us know a convenient date and time for the pickup (excluding weekends). Please also send a copy of the Proof of Purchase – so we can validate the warranty of the phone.

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Kind regards,
  21. I am Neil 2

    I am Neil 2 Lurker

  22. Gabor P

    Gabor P Lurker

    Where are you from I am Neil2 ? When will pickup your phone?
    The Cat support absolutly not help me.
  23. Same issue here, since update - forced, calls drop out, poor signal. Lost photos. Cat Support refuses to help. WARNING, their help line number is a premium rate number. No notice of such on their website warning you they will pull your pants down and they were unable to help.
  24. Gabor P

    Gabor P Lurker

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  25. I am Neil 2

    I am Neil 2 Lurker

    I live on the Isle of Man and have refused to let them collect my phone! I have been using it on 2g and has done me. Going to wait for another update and hope it fixes the issues.
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