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I have already answered some questions for CAT survey. There was a place for suggestions - I hope they will take it into account - especially: call/voice recorder and lead handle for future. The link was given by App Toolbox notification. If anyone has some important ideas - please write here: together we can do more about future CAT phones. I also checked bad experience with camera.


My CAT S60 dislikes:
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi only. Way less cheaper phones are sporting 5 GHz WiFi already and for some time at that. It's not even so much an issue with bandwith but 5 GHz has way more channels to use than the usually overcrowded 2.4 GHz Band. Also 2.4 GHz is much more receptible to Bluetooth and HID Dongle frequency interference. And this brings me to the next point:
  • Bluetooth. Dunno wether it's the harware or the driver or the implementation within the CAT Android Version, it just sucks. I never had so much problems with a phone and bluetooth than with this CAT S60. It randomly drops otherwise perfectly fine BT headphone connections. Tried it with three different phones and compared to the other phones I am using regularly (LG Flex 2, LG G3, iPhone 7 Plus, Blackberry Passport). Also I observed that reconnecting can be friggin tricky unless you disable WiFi, connect BT and then reenable WiFi again. Deleted BT Profiles a dozen times and recoupled again: no change. And "change" (or rather lack thereof brings me to the next point:
  • Updates. Or, as just said, the lack of Updates. While Android 7 exists for quite a while now and even Android 8 has been recently revealed, I get the vibe that CAT will sell a phone, roll out some absolte must-have patches now and then, but never upgrades Android on sold phones. Sell and forget. Getting scared a little here. Especially because I don't know wether CAT will give a sh1t about the BlueBorne flaw (
  • Camera. Well, I had it a few times with the focus (sharp in the preview, fuzzy picture taken) but it's not so much that I would consoder it a rule. And the FLIR? Let's face it, it's a gadget. I use it to find hotspots and hotpockets in server rack and within PC build. But it's slow as fück and alignenemt took me (seriously) 1.5h until I had a pretty decent result.
  • Quite a few provider will shut down their GSM Networks within 1-5 years. The CAT might have dual SIM, but one of them will stay on GSM if the other is on 3G/4G. That means one of the SIM Slots will be obsolete faster than we might like. Not very usefull for a rugged phone thats "built to last" a while.
  • I tried quite a few different SD Cards from different brands and in different sizes and classes (Toshiba, SanDisk, Samsung, Transcend, Hama) and those things get damn hot while writing. Some a little less, some a wee bit more. But all of them significantly.
At the moment the CAT S60 is the most regrettable buy I have ever done regarding Android phones.
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