catching up with 2005

I have no idea about any of this Android stuff. I had a Samsung flip phone with a 10-number keypad and way more features than I liked, but TMobile will receive no more of my $$$, so I decided to go for extreme change and get something with a touchscreen, which I abhore, but it's good to force oneself into uncomfortable situations from time to time. I noticed this thing in Walmart called an Optimus Q that runs Android 2.3. I sunk the $200 on it, declining a $45 activation/monthly service card, just to get a feel for all this newfangled technology the kids are into these days. I must say, it's pretty damn cool to be able to watch youtube videos in the palm of my hand. (I don't even need a service plan; just connect to my wifi!) Well, that's me as far as this Android thing goes so far. I am a Linux user (well, Ubuntu anyway), and was quite pleased to learn that Android is based on the same philosophy and kernel. We'll see. Thanks for listening.


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