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Root [CDMA] Android SDK Windows based guide

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wake69, Sep 1, 2011.

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    Jun 8, 2010

    Jun 8, 2010
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    I have noticed a few people who are new
    There are 2 files for you to download, an .exe and a .zip
    Android SDK | Android Developers

    the .exe is a full install but for beginners, the .zip is easier to use, and has all commands in one place. When you install you will have commands like adb and fastboot in different folders which i found out the hard way when i upgraded to r12

    1. When you download the .zip file, you will have android-sdk_r12-windows.zip

    2. you need to extract the file
    when you do this, you will have a folder named android-sdk_r12-windows

    3. inside this folder is the folder named android-sdk-windows
    a. for ease of use rename this folder android

    4. Move the android folder to the root of your main hard drive (not in any folders)

    5. inside this folder is a folder called tools, this is where ALL commands you will need are located.

    To test this, connect phone to computer

    open command prompt

    1. your command prompt should open up and say:
    c:\users\(username)> with a blinking cursor

    2. type cd c:\android\tools

    3. your command prompt should now read c:\android\tools>

    4. type adb shell
    if you get an error you are not connected correctly, make sure you have usb debugging turned on and phone set to charge only

    5. if you have # prompt you are connected as super user, if you have $ you are connected as user and need to issue the su command

    6. issue the command reboot bootloader, and you should boot into bootloader

    7. issue command fastboot reboot
    if your phone reboots you are good to go, if not you need to check the folder and locate the fastboot command and put it in the tools folder.

    once this is done, you can have all sorts of command line fun


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