Root [CDMA] Best EVo 3D Rom+Kernal


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Hey. Just rooted my dads Evo 3d. My dad said he wanted miui for it cause thats what i have on the evo 4g. I know its not out yet for the evo 3d. But is there any rom+kernal combo that could make it look somewhat like miui. if it doesnt have 4g or hdmi yet thats fine. But it needs to be rather stable and relible for everyday use.

Any suggestions Appreciated


PS!!! for kernal suggestions suggest sbc kernals


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First there are very few kernels since htc is not releasing the kernel source. Second there are no fully working aosp roms which miui is based on. For all that you are out of luck. All roms are very similar but there is a dev hanging out around this forum and his roms are awesome


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I have been using steelrom for 2-3 weeks and I love it. This thing has my battery on sip. Go to bed with 99% and wake up with 99%. Plus he just added long press song skipping when the screen is off which is a superb feature.


Best ROM for me, AVA-ModifiedV1. Its 2.3.3 based, but brings awesome battery life - 24 to 36 hrs with WIFI, mobile network off, 4G off, Power Saver and Efficiency on.


It'll be a sad day until Miui is ported and running along with other AOSP roms but until then...DXHome which can be found on the market, is pretty close to Miui. Well, as close as you're gonna get for now. I only miss my OG Evo cuz of Miui, but this should whet my appetite until we get AOSP on our 3Ds. I'm running it on GBSense e3d ROM which is 2.3.4 so no O/C kernel yet but it runs very smooth.