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[CDMA] Compatible ROMS With Different Hboots

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DragonSlayer95, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    Yes you can! :)

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  2. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert

    Ah, thanks! Sorry I was not more clear about my intentions.

    I actually installed the free app and noticed that it saves a flashable .zip of the recovery to the microSD card. I have that backed up now. I believe that is also one that you could just rename to PG86IMG.zip as it just contains the recovery.img file. I could be wrong though!
  3. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    That's how I got the one I gave you by taking the img and making a PG86IMG zip. You actually can't just rename it and use it in the bootloader. Flashable zips and PG86IMG zips contain different text information that only works that way. The android-info.txt file from a PG86IMG won't work in recovery because it doesn't contain the right information to tell the recovery how to use it, and same goes for the other. The flashable zip contains a file called updater-script that tells the recovery how to use the file but won't work in bootloader. I hope that made sense. Trying to type this out from my phone.
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  4. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert

    Haha. I just noticed the .zip file that I found from the 4EXT did not have that text file, and I have noticed in the past that flashable .zip files need those scripts to do it correctly.

    Good information. Thanks for confirming my findings above.
  5. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    It's really easy to make PG86IMG on your own. Flashable zips are a lot more in depth. The android-info.txt is always the same. You could make your own by simply zipping something and that same android-info.txt into the same zip folder and name it PG86IMG. That's it. :)
  6. toad6386

    toad6386 Android Enthusiast

    For the CM 10 ROMs, the OP states that the user must NOT be on HBoot 1.58, and yet be ON the latest Sprint firmware. I was under the impression, however, that mixing/matching HBoots and FWs was not advisable without the severe risk of loops. :hmmmm2:

    Is it, then, OK to do so? If so, which combinations are/aren't allowed/recommended:questionmark:

    TIA, as always!
  7. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

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  8. toad6386

    toad6386 Android Enthusiast

    I wish I knew where I got the idea that you couldn't from. I've read that thread before and it seemed simple and doable. I guess I'm over thinking things (again) and making sure I stay a n00b! :D
  9. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

    I never went s off, but it seems like a fairly easy process to go from 1.58 to 1.50

  10. christiansoto

    christiansoto Well-Known Member

  11. xevious

    xevious Well-Known Member

    I followed the Quick & Dirty Evo 3D/Root & S-OFF guide on XDA and it worked fine for me. You end up with Hboot 1.58 and the JuopunutBear update for S-OFF. I did this on an Evo 3D that was running Gingerbread with Hboot 1.4.
  12. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

    If I get a little extra time tonight/tomorrow, I'll get it updated

  13. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

    sorry for taking a while to get back to this guys, but got it updated for now

    -Team d3rd Lights Out
    -MIUI Squee Edition
    -MIUI Digital High
    -Frozen Rom
    -Cyanogen Mod 10 (GS)

    -CyanogenMod 10.1
    -Android Revolution
    -Slim Bean
  14. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

    Edited list to reduce clutter, I'll go through list tonight and see what's good and what's not and I'll add new roms if there are any :)

    May even separate Sense/AOSP/MIUI

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  15. Yea but the kernel sucks where can I get a better one
  16. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

    for sense or aosp rom?
  17. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

    What kernel are you currently on? Buttered toast is a pretty good one.
  18. I'm not sure its the dirty unicorn 4.2.2 I can't over clock past 1155 and sweep 2 walk fast charge all the good stuff not available like the kernerl in cm 10.1 angry bean
  19. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

    I couldn't find aosp buttered toast on xda, but I've got an older build from my Dropbox

  20. Thanks man actually I found the mirage kernel and I've been using that its pretty kick butt
  21. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

  22. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    I think they cover it all with their aroma installer.

  23. Said1396

    Said1396 Lurker

    Hey DragonSlayer and Brian!

    I like a lot of the ROMS on this list, and I remember you guys saying that a lot of the ROMS could be a hit and miss. I just want to help out any people in my situation who don't want to face bootloops, and just give some comments on the ROMS I have tried.

    Just for reference, I have a:
    Model: HTC EVO 3D (shooter)
    Carrier: Sprint (CDMA)
    S-status: S-ON
    HBOOT Version: 1.58
    Recovery: 4ext

    Now that that's done, here are some of the ROMS that worked on my device from this list:

    Common Sense: I loved this ROM, and I stuck with it for quite a while. Apart from no 4g (which I barely get where I live), it has very few bugs, and has provided me with a multitude of tweaks and a highly stock-google-Android 4.0 experience, if you wish. With Rosie tweaks, the settings, etc, you can easily switch from a full HTC Sense (3.6, mind you) experience to AOSP (-ish) experience, using the included Apex Launcher. I highly recommend this (and the wipes are built into the script, so don't worry if you forgot) as a ROM for newbies, because it's hard to mess up and you get a lot of goodies in returns, and veterans who are S-ON, alike. EDIT: Went back to this ROM after upsetting battery time on MIUI.

    MeanROM ICS: A mostly stock ICS (HTC Sense 3.6-ized) ROM. Provides some visual goodies, and a lot of under-the-hood performance goodies. I like their boot up Android monster too.

    FroZenROM EP3 Last Episode/The Team 420: Cool name. If you like Sense 4.x, then this ROM is probably for you. It provides a unique lockscreen (not without bugs) and has many themes that you can flash and apply on top (and there are a ton, if you click on the link). Although, I wasn't entirely digging the whole dark, gothic feel (although this is entirely subjective, you should try it out for yourself to see whether you like it.)

    MIUI v4 3.2.22 (from Team CrashOverride): Read- this is the MIUI (or MIUISquee edition, they both link to the same page) link only. Not the MIUI Digital High, which I will get to later. Here's what I did when I went about installing it with the included Aroma installer. I allowed it to wipe everything but my system, boot, sd-ext, and sd-card. Then I clicked the el-polito (or just the ROM) for it to install. I find that this makes the process much faster and goes more smoothly. Now, this is the ROM I am currently using and I love it in many ways. It has many many themes and a lovable interface, which is in some ways, reminiscent of Android 4.1 JB, especially if you install a separate launcher (which, unless you enjoy the "no appdrawer," you probably will). It's various themes, comprehensive settings, app icons, default user interface, lockscreen and great statusbar makes it one of my favorite ROMS. Now for the bad. It has some bugs. For instance, wifi will sometimes not turn off (or on) all the way, which pretty much leaves you without data unless you restart it. On the topic of restarting, it doesn't always restart when you click normal or quick reboot, leaving you with a pseudo-frozen screen, which you basically fix by removing the battery. These bugs, which have become increasingly frequent, annoy me a lot. It comes with its own security, and its custom root and app manager (btw, it's called LBE Guard - I spent 10 minutes looking for it), but here's the problem- they really aren't that great. I just installed lookout and SuperSU on top, which, thankfully the system allowed me to do. Also, although the themes are great, a lot of them come with the expectation that you can read the Chinese-dialect it shows (and yes, I understand that MIUI is a Chinese company, but I wish it created more themes for English-only readers). The battery life can also be pretty bad (don't know why). These various bugs and quibbles notwithstanding, I really do like this ROM. I recommend it, if you have a charger nearby.

    ROM(S) that didn't work

    MIUI Digital High- I went about excitedly flashing this (because it is MIUI V5 3.7.x) but I ended up getting a boot loop (which continued to bootloop despite any ROMS I tried to flash, until I finally flashed my OEM odexed rom, which did something to fix the situation). I later learned that it is based on the "Jellybean kernel," so you'll have to be s-off and on a lower hboot to flash it.

    And that's all she (or he, cause I'm a guy) wrote.
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