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Root [CDMA] [GUIDE] Skype Notification Workaround

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by travioso, Sep 16, 2014.

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    Disclaimer: All the regular good stuff. Do this at your own risk, if you blow up your phone, the world ends or what not, your fault not mine.. :cool:

    Although this may be less then ideal for some, it IS a workaround for the newer versions of Skype (currently at time of writing) not properly pushing notifications. Haven't found anything that works or this posted so.... Should work on any rooted MotoG (stock or custom ROM) but I've only tried it on the XT1031 w/ CM11 Official 9-15 Nightly.


    Rooted Phone

    Skype - Skype free apk download for android Newer versions may work but I haven't tried them yet. Other versions are available here - Skype old versions - Android

    Xposed Framework
    Xposed Installer | Xposed Module Repository

    SkypeX Xposed Module - SkypeX | Xposed Module Repository (or search modules within Xposed Framework)


    Install Skype
    Install Xposed Framwork
    Install SkypeX Module
    Enable SkypeX Module
    Open SkypeX Module and change 'Spoofed Version' to

    Skype will now allow you to login with old version (instead of network error) that actually gives you notifications. The SkypeX Module also allows for dual skype installation but haven't tested any of that yet. I will be testing other versions of Skype soon, but not sure when.. Feel free to try others out and leave feedback :)


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