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[CDMA] HTC EVO 3D With Page Plus . Slow download upload speeds reguardless of signal.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by noahtampabay, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. noahtampabay

    noahtampabay Lurker
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    At the bottom are the specs for my phone and maby one or more is the issue but I would like to modify something to get better download speed.

    the tutorial I used had a basic pageplus.prl file and I can call, text, and use internet, but no matter if I have 1 or 4 bars I seem to be in a 15kb/sec download cap. I have read on other posts on here to do a ##3282# but when I type that in it does nothing. (some replays I have read indicate that it would be most likely that the proxy is already set to and not to worry about that.

    I don't live in a area where they have 3g and of course I'm not trying to get 4g, I just want decent evdo 1x speeds.
    *Maby the better bet might to be get a verizon smart phone? but if at all possible I would like to get at least double the speed on this HTC for now.

    I just do not know what would be the best alternative to try to swap out to get better speeds.

    Below are my specs on my phone and I have a feeling that just a different prl file might be the answer, but I want to ask before I go possibly breaking something.

    I used the pageplus.prl file that was in the only pageplus walkthru I could find in it was a pageplus zip folder which had 2. (pageplus.prl and pageplus2.prl)
    I did not try the pageplus2.prl because I do not want to go doing things without a good reason.
    P.S. the reason I'm very cauccious about trying anything new is because when I did a *228 Verizon wrote over my prl files and when phone rebooted it said no service. So I do not want to do anything that would require me to do a *228 in the future.

    My phone specs are.

    HTC EVO 3d

    nocturnal blackend
    Android 2.3.4

    HTC Sense Verison

    Software Number
    Nocturnal Version 0.0.3

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  2. FondyWireless

    FondyWireless Lurker

    i was having the same issue and tried a bunch of stuff to get true 3g speeds but i somehow lost all data connection.. even 1x... i accidentaly changed the ha and aaa to vzw thinking it would help... and i used cdma tool and coppied all data info from a samsung that was last on my account... now no data at all
  3. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    It may be a data cap established by the carrier. I'm not familiar with pageplus, but if they are a pre-paid plan or a very low cost plan provider, it's likely that they are limiting you to those speeds due to the agreement they have with the carrier they are piggy backing on.

    Also, please do not discuss details on how to flash phones to different carriers. The details of such a process is against the forum rules. Thank you for your understanding.

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