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Root [CDMA] MEID auto resetting.... :-(

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by joonboi, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. joonboi

    joonboi Lurker
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    So I flashed my phone to Boost many months ago, and have been happily using my 3vo on Boost (big thanks to all who wrote guides!!!!) I then started experimenting with different ROMs to see which was best. I ended up with Negalite Blurom (suited me perfectly).

    After about a month of using it with no hitches, my phone booted like 3 times in a row (without fully finishing the boot process) and when it finally fully booted, my MEID was once again the original 3vo MEID.

    I have tried multiple times to reflash, and at first would get the double reboot after zeroing out (effectively killing my changes) I finally passed that stage, and re flashed, BUT, my phone constantly reboots, and halfway through booting, reboots again (resetting the MEID.) What can I do to fix this?? Has anyone had this happen to them...

    Also, as I am on boost with 1.58 S-ON. I have tried to get S-off, but have been REPEATEDLY unsuccessful. What option do I have for.native VM notifications (if I ever fix.my phone... Remembering that boost DOESN'T do conditional call forwarding for google voice or youmail or any other third party voicemail service...) I know there's a fix for GB but I have yet to see a fix for ICS

    My current phone info is

    Stock rooted 4.0.3 ICS
    HTCDEV unlocked (S-ON) 1.58 HBOOT
    Semi-flashed to Boost Mobile (currently only data works)
    MEID, reset from incog to 3vo (reason for this post)


  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    has your phone been on ICS the whole time? my only guess is that maybe the memory blocks where the meid,etc live are write protected now,and youll need s-off in order for the settings to "stick".

    sorry i dont have a more informative answer :(

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