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[CDMA] Might be picking up an old E3D

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by octoarms, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. octoarms

    octoarms Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey yall! I had an E3D when it first hit and only lasted 9 months until it ticked me off and the digitizer stopped working (yes rooted HTCDEV) and so I gave it a reason not to work, I smashed it and bought an iPhone 4S.....blah blah blah what brings me here is I work for a company that uses Sprint. My iPhone is T-Mobile, I am looking for a work phone and the E3D is on my hmmm list, well, it will be if I can find a DE-SENSED ROM!! I HATE HTC SENSE!!!!! Do anyone know ANY ROMS based on 4.1 (sorry 4.0 won't cut it) that are non-Sensed? I have a NS4G (Hard bricked ATM) and want 4.1 cause I had Photosphere running on it and so I want my business phone to run it too.

    I would take what the boss hands me (GSII or E4G WiMAX but I want a phone I can mess with, if it's his I can't root it but if it's mine and he activates it then I can root/ROM and I don't care if the ESN gets listed as bad if I leave, I'll flash it to PagePlus)

    *Thinks to self* I should of bought the GSM Nexus S over the iPhone *SMH*

    Thanks in advanced!

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  2. DonB

    DonB ♡ Truth, Justice and the American Way !! ♡ ™

    There are many none sense Roms out there, we will cross the bridge if you get one, there are a bunch on Miui Roms, AOSP, AOKP and CM10 Roms, and jelly Bean Roms.
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  3. SaleenFiend

    SaleenFiend Android Enthusiast

    Get the 4G LTE! The new phones.with a little root and debloat run the OS like a dream.
    Besides IMO Sense is the King of all android UIs now. Been around for years now with multiple different phones with thousands of Roms between the phones, MUIU, AOSP, Sense, Blur, Touchwiz, CM7, 10, etc etc.. I can use any of those but no matter when or how long, why or what.. I always end up going back to Sense.
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  4. octoarms

    octoarms Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm not spending $500 on a work phone. And I don't like skins, that's why I like the Nexus, which I might try to pick up instead but I love the dual core of the E3D and are kinda a dime a dozen. But thanks guys! I will keep that in mind. Does anyone know if I could halt Sence with Titanium Backup?
  5. SaleenFiend

    SaleenFiend Android Enthusiast

    Craigslist, eBay, amazon?
    And yes you can go Senseless (it's a little more than just disabling the laincher or you can even use a different Launcher. You would prob think it was a different Rom.

    I'll sell you my EVO 4G LTE with an 8GB micro SD for $335 shipped.
  6. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    to a very large extent,yes. just make sure youve installed a replacement app prior to deleteing or freezing the sense one(launcher,keyboard,etc). you can also slim it down by eliminating wallpapers and widgets you dont use,and files like "tell htc" ;)

    the 3d seems to me like a fine choice for a sprint work phone,my only advice would be that now that an s-off method is available for all hboots,dont be satisfied with htcdev unlock ;)
  7. xevious

    xevious Well-Known Member

    Average price of a used Evo 4G LTE is $250 and up (depending upon combination of reasonably good condition and accessories), while similar condition Evo 3D will be $100 or less. I bought 2 of the Evo 3D, I like it that much. LTE coverage is still spotty in my area and I expect it to be so for the next year. The Evo 3D will suit my purposes very well for at least a year or more, as a solid 4G connection provides decent Internet performance. So I think you've made a good choice on getting it.

    But give the market another 6 months and a used Evo 4G LTE will probably cost about the same as a similar condition Evo 3D does today. ;)

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