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[CDMA] [MOD] 28.12 Leedroid Tweaks CDMA v3.0.1 - PURE AWESOMENESS!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ocnbrze, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. ocnbrze

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    this is not mine, but this looks super cool so i thought i'd share with y'all

    [MOD] 28.12 Leedroid Tweaks CDMA v3.0.1 - PURE AWESOMENESS! - xda-developers

    Available Tweaks
    hide and reorder quicksetting
    custom statusbar caption
    center/hide clock
    quick quicksettings toggle: if not notification to clear, show immediatly quicksettings
    toggle tabs on/off

    select power/vol-/vol- or camera button to wake device
    choose between ASOP and Honeycomb lockscreen
    custom carrier lockscreen text
    toggle to use volume buttons to skip tracks forward and backwards
    toggle to use menu key to unlock on ASOP and Honeycomb lockscreen
    define another app to the right softkey of the sense bar

    Rosie Launcher:
    toggle between normal/supersmooth and ultra smooth rosie
    unlock animation toggle(annoying carousell animation, each time you unlock)
    5 column app drawer toggle
    paginated app drawer toggle
    disable sense launcher running in background: saves memory when using another launcher

    Phone Info: menu when you type *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer
    Dim the backlight of capacitive buttons
    choose between normal/low and lowest autobrightness values: battery saver!
    choose betwen TEN different overscroll colors
    toggle to turn screen on, when sms arrives
    just available on Leedroid Tweaks: "Screen Always on" Quicksetting
    Leedroid Tweaks Quicksetting: Links you to the Tweaks

    Additional Infos
    Thanks and credits to:
    Romanbb for the original Mod for the Sensation
    JoelZ and Derek for their help
    ihtfp69 for the original smali files for the extended quicksettings
    hamdir for his Ultra/Super Smooth Rosie mod
    awesome mayfield who was so kind to test this, because I dont got a cdma device
    LeeDroid for his great rom for which I especially made this

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