Root [CDMA] Rooted or not?

How can I tell. I have hboot 1.5 and I did the htc dev. im showing unlocked but S-ON. It gave me the superuser app in my menu. thanks for the help. im new to this.



You should be rooted. S-On is acceptable and will not interfere with most kernels/Roms. As long as Superuser is an your apps you should be okay. Might wanna make sure superuser is up to date.

Device: HTC EVO 3D AKA 3VO
Rom: ZR3Dv2.2A
Kernel: htc-kernel@and18-2 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Dec 12 15:59:16 CST 2011
Recovery: 4EXT
Build Number: 2.17.651.5 CL245066 release-keys
Android Version: 2.3.4
HTC Sense Version: 3.0
H.Boot 1.5 Unlocked


Fixing stuff is not easy
If you have SuperUser installed, but no apps detect root, then you don't have it properly configured. Generally, the SU patch that you probably flashed didn't flash properly. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then it would probably be best to go through that guide and follow every step, except for step 4 (as you have already unlocked with HTC).


Fixing stuff is not easy
thanks guys, so I just want to confirm I dont have to gu thru the token thing, i can just start with step 5 of that guide?

I would recommend you start over from the beginning if you don't have mini-sdk and TWRP installed. The guide is written around using mini-sdk and TWRP, and the instructions are specific to them.

But you can skip step 4. There is no need to flash the unlock token again while you're unlocked. Keep the token, you may have to unlock/relock later (like when ICS comes around.